Yoga teacher

Yoga teacher
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Yoga teacher
Yoga teacher
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Experience level

Yoga teacher


Motivating position requiring disciple and dedication to lead a class of students with varying experience levels.

  • Assessed and mentored beginners to develop their body and mind awareness and build physical strength.
  • Designed yoga lesson plans and demonstrated postures to students whilst ensuring their safety through the process.
  • Offered one-on-one teaching and consultation to promote their holistic wellbeing, maintain positive relationships and address any concerns.
  • Consistently monitored and guided students through poses to ensure safety and comfort during classes.

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Yoga teacher

Entry level

Taught yoga classes to help students improve posture, balance, and discipline. Implemented simple and effective techniques to encourage continuous practice of yoga.

  • Challenged students physically and mentally in maintaining strong posture and body positions.
  • Helped students with disabilities by including necessary studio accommodations.
  • Cleaned, washed, and sanitized yoga equipment and studio after extended use.
  • Participated in injury prevention seminars.
  • Instructed students in effective breathing and meditation practices.
  • Arranged classes to accommodate beginning, intermediate, and advanced practitioners.
  • Provided constructive advice to students on strength and flexibility building exercises.
  • Attended workshops to improve teaching capabilities.

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Yoga teacher


Taught students from a variety of skill levels the best practices for meditation, balance, strength, flexibility, and concentration. Ensured all students’ needs have been attended to and handled feedback promptly.

  • Kept track of inventory for studio including exercise mats, handheld weights, towels, and balance balls.
  • Modified difficulty levels to accommodate beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.
  • Provided safe and calm fitness instructions to students.
  • Stored equipment in proper compartments and maintained a clean and sanitized studio.
  • Discussed best practices with students and kept up to date with latest yoga trends and activities.
  • Taught workshops on yoga training and education to entry-level instructors.

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