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Basketball coach


Motivating position requiring sharp assessment and communication skills to identify and build on players’ strengths.

  • Meticulously assessed individual and team performance to develop training schemes that target shortcomings and improve performance.
  • Devised individual coaching sessions for players to build on their strengths, resulting in an overall improved team performance.
  • Emphasized safety awareness and delivered first aid training to players.
  • Organized friendly matches to build team spirit and promote healthy competition.

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Soccer coach

Entry level

Worked with children ages 8-12 in coaching soccer teams for intramural sports organizations. Taught the basics in movement, balance, and coordination.

  • Assessed strengths and weaknesses of soccer players and assigned positions accordingly.
  • Conferred with team coaches on establishing successful practice drills and demonstrations.
  • Taught players how to effectively apply teamwork and good communication on the field.
  • Managed team rosters and performed head counts when traveling.
  • Performed evaluations of players and discussed with them athletic progresses and areas to work on.
  • Analyzed games and created plans for effectively utilizing players to defeat opponents.

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Football coach

Entry level

Worked with amateur and professional sports leagues as a football coach. Taught athletes of all ages and skill levels.

  • Reviewed rules and regulations with players.
  • Evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of each player and factored them into playing positions and strategy.
  • Resolved disputes among players using tact and mediation.
  • Cleaned equipment after use and replaced broken equipment with new equipment.
  • Planned workout routines and scheduled practice times.
  • Organized rosters and discussed game plans with players and staff.
  • Made accommodations for injured players.
  • Liaised with sponsors to help raise money to pay for equipment and uniforms.

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Baseball coach


Coached a variety of skill levels including little league, amateur league, and minor league baseball. Managed practice sessions and athletic conditioning programs for athletes to participate.

  • Checked equipment for overuse and replaced broken equipment with working equipment.
  • Assessed skills and abilities in players and assigned positions based on predominant strengths.
  • Established and scheduled practice drills and sessions.
  • Arranged for travel accommodations and paid for transportation services for road games.
  • Managed team rosters and discussed last-minute changes with umpires.
  • Attended to injured players and kept up with their progress in recovery.
  • Worked with sponsors to raise money to purchase and repair team uniforms.

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Basketball coach

Entry level

Assisted the senior coach with imparting sports knowledge to players and developing player progress/performance tools. Taught individual and team tactics to players and coordinated player exercise sessions to enable them to reach their full potential. 

  • Maintained a 30-game unbeaten streak in the 2021-22 season courtesy of tactical practice sessions based on in-depth competitor analysis.
  • Inspired high discipline levels among the players by carrying self in an ethical and professional manner and encouraging sportsmanship and respect for game rules and officials.

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Soccer coach


Multifaceted role requiring leadership and relations expertise to devise strategic game plans whilst offering individualized training and assessments to athletes.

  • Watched previous match tapes with the team to analyze strategies and develop counter techniques to improve performances.
  • Performed routine individualized athlete and team evaluations to identify shortcomings and maximize talents.
  • Develop individualized training programs to target and improve upon short comings whilst delivering rigorous team practice programs to improve teamwork and overall performance.
  • Execute overall athletic talent evaluation and temperament to ensure the best talent is recruited.

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Football coach


Multifaceted role requiring team motivation and strategic game plans development to lead a team to success.

  • Developed immersive practice schedules and training programs to prepare athletes for competitions.
  • Evaluated, scouted and recruited talents at games and off-campus visits in multiple states.
  • Analyze tapes of previous games to evaluate strategies and develop plans to improve outcomes.
  • Performed fitness assessments for each athlete to identify areas for improvement and develop personalized training programs targeted at those specific areas.

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Baseball coach

Entry level

Worked with intramural and youth organizations as a baseball coach. Taught athletes how to develop positive and healthy habits and routines for improving athletic abilities.

  • Cleaned, maintained, and safely stored playing equipment including bats, batting helmets, gloves, baseballs, and protective gear.
  • Reminded players to put away equipment after use.
  • Reviewed game plans, wins, losses, and discussed strategies and improvements with players and staff.
  • Created and supervised effective practice drills for players to build endurance, quick reflexes, and strength.
  • Reviewed rules and regulations with players and staff and ensured compliance with league guidelines.
  • Consulted one-on-one with individual players to offer constructive advice and feedback.

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Basketball coach


Managed player development and coordinated the assistant coach’s functions. Conceptualized and implemented new gameplay drills for dribbling, passing, 3-point shooting, and defense. Trained the team on managing anxiety before big games and avoiding panic when trailing in key league matches. 

  • Optimized the team’s performance through targeted training and physical conditioning initiatives, going on to win 3 national titles.
  • Reduced player fatigue cases by over 70% through a strategic team and individual training schedule, with adequate rest time before games.

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Soccer coach


Worked for middle and high school sports programs as a soccer coach. Provided players with mentorship and guidance in teamwork and perseverance.

  • Trained and instructed soccer players on the best techniques for running, kicking a soccer ball, and using footwork to control movement of soccer ball.
  • Cleaned, maintained, and tracked equipment including goal nets, soccer balls, and uniforms.
  • Arranged for travel accommodations when competing in games on the road.
  • Conducted and supervised practice drills and exercise sessions.
  • Studied and discussed game plans and utilized strategies to defeat opposing teams.
  • Held question and answer sessions for players to better understand the game of soccer.

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