Athletic trainer

Athletic trainer
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Athletic trainer
Athletic trainer
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Experience level

Athletic trainer


Multifaceted role requiring excellent communication and prompt injury intervention skills to deliver the best care to injured athletes.

  • Liaised with other licensed healthcare professionals and industry specialists to devise effective treatment and rehabilitation programs for acute and chronic injuries in athletes.
  • Delivered fitness tests and assessments on athletes to develop personalized strength/conditioning programs.
  • Provided prompt emergency and injury intervention to injured athletes to mitigate damage.
  • Offered injury prevention and wellness education to coaches and athletes.

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Athletic trainer

Entry level

Responsible for working with a varsity football team on injury recoveries, treatments, and preventions. Helped to treat and diagnose joint, muscle, and bone damages.

  • Consulted with athletes, coaches, and training staff the best exercises for preventing muscle and bone injuries.
  • Maintained accurate individual records and progress reports on injuries.
  • Performed on-field attentiveness to athletes injured during practice and/or game time.
  • Reported to medical supervisor improvements and declines in athletic injuries.
  • Arranged for injury and illness treatments with team physicians.
  • Scheduled and supervised use of training room.
  • Signed and completed medical paperwork on behalf of athletes.

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Athletic trainer


Worked with hospital staff to help post-surgery patients with severe and life-threatening injuries recover and utilize body movements lost from brain, nerve, and spinal cord damages.

  • Used physical therapy techniques and programs on individuals recovering from surgery or injury.
  • Researched best techniques for developing strength and coordination.
  • Kept and updated a journal of daily exercise activities and progress for individuals in recovery.
  • Complied with policies regarding patient privacy and confidentiality.
  • Notified and followed up with medical personnel on improvements or relapses in patient recovery.
  • Taught educational courses relevant to sports medicine, injury prevention, and rehabilitation programs.

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