Health coach

Health coach
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Health coach
Health coach
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Experience level

Health coach

Entry level

Worked as a personal health coach for individuals looking to make positive lifestyle changes. Created plans for clients to follow that led to satisfactory results.

  • Interviewed clients to understand how to best help them make beneficial changes to their lives.
  • Set up appointments with clients to discuss plans and programs for developing healthy lifestyles.
  • Provided clients with journals for recording daily activities and meals.
  • Maintained confidentiality when discussing personal issues with clients.
  • Shared information on how to manage time and set appropriate diet and fitness goals with clients.
  • Offered support when clients experienced difficulties with lifestyle changes.

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Health coach


Motivating role requiring great communication and client management skills to provide personalized coaching to help improve each client’s quality of life.

  • Offered personal consultations to clients to deliver health and wellness guidance whilst helping each client set and work towards achieving their personalized goals.
  • Conducted in-depth health assessments to behavioral health screenings to get a better understanding of the client’s stats and develop effective intervention plans.
  • Developed and delivered informative workshops to clients to educate them on cultivating healthy habits, holistic wellness management, sleep techniques and motivational techniques.
  • Leveraged client relations management skills to optimize each client’s experience by providing premium customer service, resulting in and increased customer satisfaction.

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Health coach


Performed personal coaching services regarding beneficial health changes. Worked with weight loss clinics to guide clients and provide emotional support in their lifestyle changes.

  • Met with clients and conducted interviews to best assist them in planning and setting goals.
  • Provided information regarding health interventions including diet and fitness to improve outcomes based on individualized needs.
  • Managed records to track client progress and outcomes.
  • Followed through with confidentiality agreements to protect client privacy.
  • Created weekly and monthly goal plans involving meal plans and exercise schedules for clients to follow.
  • Used positive language to motivate clients to reach their goals.

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