Operating room nurse

Operating room nurse
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Operating room nurse
Operating room nurse
Resume examples

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Operating room nurse


Oversaw nursing care during the procedure and ensure the operating room remain sterile. Liaised between patients,  families, and medical team. Provided surgical patients with perioperative care in recovery, procedure, and operating rooms.

  • Monitored patients as they come out of anesthesia and watching for signs of infection or excessive bleeding.
  • Offered pain management and helped patients stay comfortable
  • Communicated with patients and their families about the effects of the surgery and explaining the next steps for post-op care.
  • Stocked operating rooms with sterile surgical equipment, linens, and supplies.
  • Developed and implemented nursing care plans for surgical patients.
  • Updated patient files and medical records.
  • Maintained safe storage of surgical equipment and supplies.

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Operating room nurse

Entry level

Responsible for taking care of patients throughout surgical and operating processes. Prepared patients by providing them with information related to the potential outcomes of a procedure and ensured patients recovered comfortably and without complication after procedures.

  • Acquired cross-functional training in acute care, orthopedics, and surgery while completing intensive coronary care certification.
  • Sterilized all equipment and operating room to minimize or eliminate any chance of infection that could lead to complications.
  • Positioned and prepared patients on the operating table and passed medical instruments and other materials to the surgeon as requested.
  • Assisted with direct delivery of patient care and self-management education in a pre-and post-operation environment.
  • Educated post-op patients on procedures, healthy lifestyle, holistic approach, and preventative measures for maintaining optimal health after surgery.

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Operating room nurse


Assessed patients before surgery and other media procedures to ensure they remained calm throughout the process by alleviating their concerns. Gathered and prepared all supplies needed for surgery and ensured they were completely sanitized and arranged according to the needs of the surgeon.

  • Served as an educational lead operating nurse to interns through 2nd-year students before, during, and after surgical procedures.
  • Developed strong relationships with patients’ on-call doctors, facilitating communications to ensure that patient care needs were clearly understood.
  • Addressed the psychological, physiological, social-cultural, and religious/spiritual needs and requests of the patient as appropriate.
  • Determined and directed junior nurses regarding patient information collection based on the patient’s condition as they relate to proposed interventions.
  • Collaborated with the health care team to implement standards of care during operative and post-operative stages according to the philosophy and objectives of the health care facility.

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