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Charge nurse
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Charge nurse
Charge nurse
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Charge nurse


In-charge of 39 clients; administered case management for patients with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Conducted initial and in-depth assessments to help determine the best course of treatment for the individual.

  • Formulated and implemented a person-centered recovery plan with clear documentation of goals, objectives, strengths, barriers, and interventions.
  • Provided ongoing case management, including coordination of services, ongoing monitoring of progress, ongoing assessment, and discharge planning.
  • Supervised RN’s and Certified Nursing Assistants to ensure quality patient care is provided.
  • Developed a recruitment process to hire competent nursing professionals and designed training processes for staff to reach organizational goals more effectively.
  • Provided care for patients, including communicating and providing emotional support to family members.
  • Participated in various system meetings including health safety meetings and nursing manager meetings.
  • Monitored nurses on duty and evaluated 24 Hour Nursing summary reports; ensured patients/clients are provided with quality care.

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Charge nurse

Entry level

Directed the daily functions of the unit, including admissions, discharges, patient flow, nurse duty allocation, and regulatory compliance. Delivered submissions to the hospital committees and task forces. 

  • Provided mentorship and coaching to new staff, ensuring the delivery of exceptional care and support to all patients and their families.
  • Worked closely with physicians and hospital administrators, conveying important communication to staff on various issues, including protocol changes.
  • Established robust compliance measures that ensured 100% staff compliance with all the health and safety regulations.

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Charge nurse


Strategically assigned duties to nurses and support staff to ensure the consistent achievement of the daily unit goals. Established measures to ensure seamless shift changeovers and patient care aligned with the hospital's mission, values, and operating principles.

  • Improved the unit's performance by 40% after implementing a performance evaluation program for all the unit's nurses.
  • Collaborated with the senior management in implementing process improvement programs. 
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted patient care through a strategic scheduling technique that ensured all absences were well covered. 

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Charge nurse


Supervised the routine administrative and operational functioning of the 50-bed general ward unit, including but not limited to duty allocation, patient care, staff training, and patient/family education and support.

  • Worked closely with the nurse manager in implementing procedures that improved service quality, reduced costs, and accelerated patient recovery.
  • Analyzed the unit care plans daily, implementing amendments that ensured the provision of appropriate care to each patient.
  • Restructured the charting system, amplifying staff efficiency and output by 50% and 30%, respectively. 

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