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Provided sign language interpretation and translation services to 10+ gameshows and live productions, reaching an estimated 2M+ viewers.

  • Masted fluent sign language and interpretation techniques to provide instant and accurate signing during shows.
  • Collaborated with showrunners to understand show content and communication guidelines.
  • Partnered with editors and fact-checkers to ensure 100% accuracy.

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Creative director


Executive positon encompassing strategic vision and implementation of innovative concepts in support of a busy agency.

  • Proposed and followed through on the establishment of the in-house graphic design department to cut back on outsourced projects and increase revenue income.
  • Designed and launched unique and impactful campaigns that efficiently communicate each clients’ brand message and resonates with its target audience.
  • Managed relations with all stakeholders to ensure unified project vision and execution.
  • Maintained direct oversight on all creative teams in charge of all stages of campaign design process from inception to actualization.

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Audio engineer


Creative role encompassing project management and client relation skills to ensure that the creative visions of clients are fully translated into the final product.

  • Worked with a variety of clients on a broad spectrum of projects to mix and master tracks for different genre of music, as well as sound design to different film and videos.
  • Coordinated recording sessions for a number of artists, and achieved their artistic vision by leveraging tracks mixing and manipulation expertise.
  • Led and trained a team of audio technicians to encourage the creative and flawless execution of projects, ensuring that clients’ visions are properly executed.
  • Successfully oversaw the production of multiple studio albums for artists such as Artist 1, Artist 2, and Artist 3.

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Media planner


Developed or recommended specific media ad campaign strategies to increase the client’s brand recognition, attract and retain customers, and maintain and increase customer satisfaction and experience. Hired and trained assistant media planners and ensured deadlines were clear and feasible.

  • Created, implemented, and monitored media plans and campaigns across the assigned client portfolio of 12+ high-end accounts averaging $150k annually.
  • Met with clients regularly to identify target audiences, analyze their characteristics, and their media behaviors and habits.
  • Developed and implemented national and local media campaigns for some of the biggest brands in sports technology.
  • Prepared RFPs for media publishers, served on the analytical team to determine the best media selections, and negotiated rates with applicants.
  • Worked closely with internal teams to develop target audiences and objectives, and developed detailed media flowcharts.

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Led multiple cross-functional teams to pursue 30+ ambitious news stories over 6-month timeframe. Developed and implemented coverage strategies to streamline efficiency and maintain unbiased accuracy.

  • Built and trained reporting teams from different news outlets.
  • Drafted best practices and guidelines for conducting interviews and sourcing subjects for documentary content.
  • Led weekly status update meetings to ensure full collaboration between reporting groups.
  • Pursued and documented stories on time and under budget.

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Media planner


Piloted 3 high-profile promotional campaigns for well-known brands: Chewy, PetSmart, and Frisco. Leveraged relationship management and negotiation skills to finalize branding contracts.

  • Held meetings with brand managers and company leaders to outline marketing requirements for each.
  • Assessed media and content guidelines prior to content creation.
  • Collaborated with marketing teams to deliver brand campaign schedules and strategies.
  • Created tailored promotional content and marketing tools.

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