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Leveraged in-depth research skills to investigate developing events, compile relevant information and verify news stories.

  • Conduct interviews among diverse populations to get accurate information, and put together engaging news stories.
  • Evaluate and pursue news leads and tips to develop stories while maintaining effective and productive working relationships with corresponding media sources.
  • Streamline the workflow of the news team by training new personnel and creating a digital newscast template, resulting in increased proficiency.

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Researched pitched news stories for trending topics and leveraged content creation skills to film daily topical short form videos for social media app.

  • Researched political and sports stories, and put a creative and entertaining spin on the delivery of stories, interviewing experts knowledgeable about the story’s subject matter, which served to increase engagement and held the attention of viewers for longer.
  • Honed interviewing skills to prepare well-researched questions and gleam the most information from featured guests on the segment.

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Critical position requiring sharp investigative and storytelling skills to deliver interesting coverages in support of a fast-paced newsroom.

  • Developed an extensive network of contacts within different industries in the metropolitan area to remain informed of every news-worthy incident.
  • Pursued relevant stories and leveraged practiced research, investigative and interviewing skills to compile accurate data and develop comprehensive articles.
  • Optimized team’s proficiency by overseeing the training of new recruits and streamlining workflows by introducing a digital newscast template.
  • Cultivated and nurtured functional working relationships with vital sources to promptly grasp and report on developing stories.

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Entry level

Honed storytelling skills within the university’s journalism club and reported on a variety of topics.

  • Identified, pursued and executed extensive research on relevant stories.
  • Refined story telling skills to develop better structured articles and deliver engaging contents in the university’s paper.
  • Leveraged research and organization to compile, analyze and organize data.
  • Worked collaboratively with club members to deliver detailed reports within strict deadlines.

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