Audio engineer

Audio engineer
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Audio engineer
Audio engineer
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Audio engineer


Worked with a variety of clients to mix and master tracks in different genres of music, ensuring to keep communication lines open to ensure that their creative vision is translated and executed properly.

  • Supervise and train audio technicians while simultaneously managing numerous projects requiring unique budget preparation, invoicing and collections.
  • Work directly with recording artists in studio to define goals and provide optimal solutions.
  • Mix and Master audio recordings for professional use, ensuring great sound quality by supervising the set up and maintenance of equipment for studio recording sessions.
  • Track and edit sound recordings such as vocals, instruments, digital as well as analog.

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Audio engineer

Entry level

Interned at a reputable studio to acquire valuable skills in mixing and mastering tracks in different genres of music.

  • Worked under the supervision of seasoned audio engineers to effectively manage and operate audio equipment.
  • Developed sharp communication skills to effectively relate with clients and other colleagues to facilitate smooth workflows and execution of creative projects.
  • Managed and set up recording equipment in the studio to achieve crisp and high quality sounds.
  • Provided ad hoc support within the studio as required to facilitate workflows.

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Audio engineer


Creatively complex role requiring relations expertise to work with clients on creative project to from conception to execution.

  • Mixed and mastered audio tracks to elevate viewing experience on ad campaigns and short videos.
  • Worked with sound designers and video editors to ensure audio playbacks are crisp and compatible with other sound effects that may be introduced in production.
  • Effectively reviewed and analyzed the quality of audio track to determine the best manner in which to work with them that produces the best outcomes.
  • Directed and controlled recording environments to ensure that only high quality sounds are obtained.

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Audio engineer


Creative role encompassing project management and client relation skills to ensure that the creative visions of clients are fully translated into the final product.

  • Worked with a variety of clients on a broad spectrum of projects to mix and master tracks for different genre of music, as well as sound design to different film and videos.
  • Coordinated recording sessions for a number of artists, and achieved their artistic vision by leveraging tracks mixing and manipulation expertise.
  • Led and trained a team of audio technicians to encourage the creative and flawless execution of projects, ensuring that clients’ visions are properly executed.
  • Successfully oversaw the production of multiple studio albums for artists such as Artist 1, Artist 2, and Artist 3.

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