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Leveraged in-depth research skills to investigate developing events, compile relevant information and verify news stories.

  • Conduct interviews among diverse populations to get accurate information, and put together engaging news stories.
  • Evaluate and pursue news leads and tips to develop stories while maintaining effective and productive working relationships with corresponding media sources.
  • Streamline the workflow of the news team by training new personnel and creating a digital newscast template, resulting in increased proficiency.

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Worked with over 40 clients to provide interpretation services for written texts and audio files. My relations skills came in handy in relating with clients from different backgrounds.

  • Improved client relationship management skills as an interpreter for international clients.
  • Managed relations with and interpreted for clients from different cultural and economic backgrounds.
  • Maintained compliance with defined interpreter ethics and data confidentiality policies.
  • Interpreted legal documents from original language to English.

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Creative director


Fully involved in branding, contract negotiation, design roadmap for sales and marketing, while providing general counsel to clients. Skyrocketed company sales (+30%) by focusing on sales and contracts deals.

  • Trained newly employed staff on the core areas where their services are needed.
  • Served alongside other senior management team responsible for company's fiscal and daily operational duties.
  • Recently developed copywriting skills which have been instrumental to my creative ability, this skill have been used to develop contents that have convince hundreds of people to patronize client's brands.

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Audio engineer


Worked with a variety of clients to mix and master tracks in different genres of music, ensuring to keep communication lines open to ensure that their creative vision is translated and executed properly.

  • Supervise and train audio technicians while simultaneously managing numerous projects requiring unique budget preparation, invoicing and collections.
  • Work directly with recording artists in studio to define goals and provide optimal solutions.
  • Mix and Master audio recordings for professional use, ensuring great sound quality by supervising the set up and maintenance of equipment for studio recording sessions.
  • Track and edit sound recordings such as vocals, instruments, digital as well as analog.

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Enthusiastic multi-lingual translator with 3 years of experience in French-English translations. Stay current with latest French-language idioms and cultural references.

  • Performs an array of translation and interpretation duties from French into English, including localization, written texts, audio files, internationalization, and live speaking translations.
  • Arranged concurrent translation during corporate meetings to allow English-speaking audience members to participate in French-language events.
  • Translated text projects, including legal documents, website content, news articles, and corporate reports.
  • Successfully translated over 400 complete projects, ranging from documents to entire websites, from French to English.

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Media planner


Multifaceted role encompassing relations and creative direction functions to successfully execute engaging advertising strategies that hold the attention of the target audience whilst communicating the brand’s message.

  • Execute in-depth market research and analysis using specialized industry resources to identify target market/audient and develop strategic campaign initiatives.
  • Leverage multitasking and project management skills to simultaneously manage different client accounts.
  • Successfully surpassed clients’ expectations by developing a work culture that is conducive to cross-functional team collaborations which facilitate the execution of advertising strategies.
  • Supervised creation and execution of multi-million dollar campaigns, rebranding, and long-term initiatives.
  • Employ relation expertise to develop an intricate network of media contacts such as newspapers, magazines, and websites.

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Video producer


Dynamic, creative role encompassing client relations skills to communicate with clients to understand their creative vision as well as collaboration skills to work with industry professional to bring the vision to life.

  • Capture high quality videos that highlight the attributes of clients’ products and coordinate a team of graphic designers and editors to transform raw footage to exceptional videos that are in line with the client’s vision.
  • Liaise with a sound designer to pair video footages with the perfect sounds that elevate the quality of the final cut.
  • Leverage project management skills to simultaneously drive various projects to successful completion or a number of clients.
  • Maintain a 100% client satisfaction rate by leveraging relations skills to maintain premium communication with clients and teams, ensuring that every feedback is incorporated.

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Motivated mostly by my passion for content creation, I persistently learned new social media management techniques to reach a bigger audience while delivering premium content. Reached over 4 million followers.

  • Write original and informative content for my blog
  • Personally manage my successful accounts on all social media platforms, curating interesting content to keep my 4 million followers engaged.
  • Routinely contribute 4 features to the food diaries, food bible and thou shall eat, local publications dedicated to food content.
  • Leveraged technical skills in adobe Photoshop to create eye-catching graphics for articles and blog posts.

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Developed a distinct work process of identifying and pursuing new story leads, that allows for an efficient execution and delivery of accurate and verified stories to the public within an appropriate timeline.

  • Investigated and covered developing events, compiled data and interviewed different individuals to verify information and ensure that only true reports are delivered to the public.
  • Responded to emergencies and breaking stories with a strong sense of urgency, ensuring to deliver live reports and excellent photojournalism.
  • Arranged reports and coordinated images and layout to ensure a coherent and comprehensive story.
  • Pursued and delivered verified updates and analysis on topics that hold the public’s attention to include politics, business, crimes and sports.

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Researched pitched news stories for trending topics and leveraged content creation skills to film daily topical short form videos for social media app.

  • Researched political and sports stories, and put a creative and entertaining spin on the delivery of stories, interviewing experts knowledgeable about the story’s subject matter, which served to increase engagement and held the attention of viewers for longer.
  • Honed interviewing skills to prepare well-researched questions and gleam the most information from featured guests on the segment.

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