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Creative role requiring collaborative skills to work in harmony with film director and sound engineers to achieve a tonal harmonic balance that elevates movies.

  • Study scripts and character progressions to compose music that elevate scenes and evoke emotions.
  • Consult with directors and producers to determine placement of musical cues and harmonize artistic vision.
  • Rewrite original scores to adapt them for different musical genres and styles.
  • Determine instruments, musical styles, rhythms, and patterns that would most effectively evoke the desired responses.

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Event planner


Coordinated events logistics to ensure the smooth execution of events, managing schedules for all contributors, from vendors to photographers, caterers, and transportation services.

  • Liaised with clients, stakeholders and all concerned parties, ensuring to keep them updated on the progress of the event planning.
  • Successfully maximized budgets and supervised event staff, overseeing the recruitment and training of new staff members.

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Event manager

Entry level

Worked closely with clients, which consisted mainly of acquaintances and their referrals, to develop a clear image of their vision and devise strategic plans to achieve them.

  • Defined formal working relationships with local service providers to ensure professionalism and the delivery of components required for the complete and seamless execution of events.
  • Developed a reputation for excellence in accurately translation of client’s visions into achievable and tangible plans.
  • Successfully scaled my small business and increased customer loyalty by maintaining impeccable service standers.
  • Developed comprehensive budget reports for clients, ensuring to sources the best prices and quality for services.

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Event coordinator


Efficiently planned and directed corporate and private events including weddings, meetings, birthday parties, Christmas events, Mitzvahs, and Quinceaneras for multiple clients ranging in size from 15 to 750. Organized and directed over 12 events per month in cities in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Fully responsible for managing over $3 million in corporate events that included entertainment, airport transportation, stage and lighting set, décor, and restaurant buyouts.
  • Responsibilities included maintaining and updating insurance records for over 150 vendors and creating CAD diagrams for events.
  • Initiated cost savings by negotiating with partnered vendors and researching new vendors.
  • Increased revenue by 39% by negotiating cost-efficient contracts and finding potential vendors.

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Entry level

Collaborative role requiring close co-ordination with music director and other musicians to achieve artistic vision.

  • Played musical arrangements according to the film composer’s interpretation to add more depth to films.
  • Rehearsed with other musicians to perfect and harmonize rhythms and ensure artistic vision is met.
  • Recorded sessions with other musicians to be featured as background music and original soundtracks in movies.
  • Developed musical and performing skills while playing at charity events and weddings.

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Event planner

Entry level

Coordinated all concerts and shows for The Targs, a college band.

  • Coordinated with members of the band to schedule gigs and print tickets to shows.
  • Created promotional fliers and booked charity gigs to help increase the band’s popularity.
  • Built relations with the local business owners to secure bookings for the band.
  • Organized on-campus shows for the band and coordinated student volunteers to make sitting and feeding arrangements.

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Event manager


Worked with a variety of clients from various industries to conceptualize and execute events that serve different purposes, from promotional events to private events and galas.

  • Conceptualize and produce innovative art exhibitions for hotel art show including theme selection, securing talent and providing service to hotel resulting in successful at capacity art with over 500+ in attendance.
  • Published author of 4 articles on Trendland, delivering retrospect on artist photography and works to broaden reader's perspective and offering creative insight.
  • Manage and coordinate all aspects of the event acting as primary liaison between 8 artists and hotel, manage activities of 4 employees resulting in positive reviews.
  • Coordinate framing of the exhibition, creating visually appealing display to captivate the audience and increase interest in the subject, oversee all public relations for event including creating the press release to engage multiple public audiences.

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Event coordinator

Entry level

Developed valuable skills while working within a team of talented event coordinators to facilitate the seamless organization and execution of over 50 events for clients.

  • Worked directly under the supervision of a seasoned event manager, within a 5-man team of talented event coordinators to develop and implement unique concepts for client’s events.
  • Researched and sourced the best vendors and service providers to ensure value for money.
  • Provided detailed and focused data on specific aspects on the event planning processes to devise the best course of approach securing the best deals and desired final effects.
  • Drafted and delivered detailed progress reports to clients to get their feedback at each step.

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Entry level

Developed real world experience by playing at church and charity events. Worked with different professionals to ensure performances go according to plan.

  • Performed at special charity events and private functions.
  • Played piano accompaniments for artists according to the music director’s arrangement.
  • Liaised with clients and coordinators to ensure adequate preparation and planning for performances.
  • Rehearsed and performed recitals to an audience of over 100 people.

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Event planner


Dynamic position encompassing strategic planning to the minutest detail, whilst coordinating staffs to ensure the seamless execution of all event plans.

  • Worked with a very diverse clientele to incorporate tradition and sentimental elements into their nuptial celebrations.
  • Cultivated and maintained an exclusive network consisting of only the best professionals within the industry to provide every client with the most luxurious services available.
  • After extensive years working in the industry, gained and leveraged a panoptic perspective on all things events planning related, which has helped place ABC Events as No.1.
  • Co-wrote and published The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide with my friend and colleague – James Awslon.

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