Video producer

Video producer
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Video producer
Video producer
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Video producer


Dynamic, creative role encompassing client relations skills to communicate with clients to understand their creative vision as well as collaboration skills to work with industry professional to bring the vision to life.

  • Capture high quality videos that highlight the attributes of clients’ products and coordinate a team of graphic designers and editors to transform raw footage to exceptional videos that are in line with the client’s vision.
  • Liaise with a sound designer to pair video footages with the perfect sounds that elevate the quality of the final cut.
  • Leverage project management skills to simultaneously drive various projects to successful completion or a number of clients.
  • Maintain a 100% client satisfaction rate by leveraging relations skills to maintain premium communication with clients and teams, ensuring that every feedback is incorporated.

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Video producer


Saved production studio $10K in unnecessary expenses by championing process improvement efforts. Spearheaded equipment maintenance and inventory management initiatives.

  • Highlighted high costs associated with equipment failures / replacement due to being mishandled by crewmembers.
  • Conducted inventory audit of all primary and secondary multimedia equipment.
  • Drafted and shared updated best practices regarding effective device management.
  • Purchased new audio / visual equipment with focus on longevity.

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Video producer

Entry level

Established impactful relationships with internal and external resources while overseeing video production work. Employed cross-functional communication and outreach efforts to grow professional network.

  • Held daily meetings with writers, editors, and fact-checkers throughout video project.
  • Collaborated with director and stakeholders to ensure adherence to content guidelines and expectations.
  • Connected with sources and interview subjects to conduct project research and conduct fact-checking tasks.
  • Worked with executive producer to complete team building operations.

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