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Entry level

Honed storytelling skills within the university’s journalism club and reported on a variety of topics.

  • Identified, pursued and executed extensive research on relevant stories.
  • Refined story telling skills to develop better structured articles and deliver engaging contents in the university’s paper.
  • Leveraged research and organization to compile, analyze and organize data.
  • Worked collaboratively with club members to deliver detailed reports within strict deadlines.

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Entry level

Assisted 20+ longform interviews on recorded talk show as onsite interpreter. Communicated with hearing-impaired viewers using sign language to translate live interviews and conversations.

  • Built and maintained relationships with talk show creators and hosts.
  • Developed translation strategy ad guidelines.
  • Conducted live and accurate signing for live audience and those tuning in to live broadcast.
  • Worked with post-production editors to ensure interpretation is clear and coherent for viewers.

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Creative director

Entry level

Gained first experience leading creative projects while appointed as project lead for most group assignments.

  • Coordinated with members to schedule strategy meetings for each assignment.
  • Delegated research and duties to ensure optimum participation and contribution of each member to the completion of each project.
  • Headed final project presents in front of the entire classroom, detailing project principles, goals and final results.
  • Consistently praised by professors for discipline and dedication to each project.

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Audio engineer

Entry level

Interned at a reputable studio to acquire valuable skills in mixing and mastering tracks in different genres of music.

  • Worked under the supervision of seasoned audio engineers to effectively manage and operate audio equipment.
  • Developed sharp communication skills to effectively relate with clients and other colleagues to facilitate smooth workflows and execution of creative projects.
  • Managed and set up recording equipment in the studio to achieve crisp and high quality sounds.
  • Provided ad hoc support within the studio as required to facilitate workflows.

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Media planner

Entry level

Analyzed market and sales data to design creative strategies to ensure client ad campaigns reached their target audience effectively and efficiently. Met with clients and developed several campaign options based on their needs and budgets. Interacted with internal/external parties to manage media plans.

  • Collected data from various media channels, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and the internet.
  • Researched the client’s brand and marketing goals and administered a large portion of a well-thought tactical plan for campaign development and deployment.
  • Managed timelines and deliverables while updating media managers and supervisors of all progress and challenges.
  • Assisted in training new employees, ensuring they were given and set up with the right programs and files and tasks were clearly defined.
  • Prepared and participated in presentations with potential new clients and new business opportunities.

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Video producer

Entry level

Established impactful relationships with internal and external resources while overseeing video production work. Employed cross-functional communication and outreach efforts to grow professional network.

  • Held daily meetings with writers, editors, and fact-checkers throughout video project.
  • Collaborated with director and stakeholders to ensure adherence to content guidelines and expectations.
  • Connected with sources and interview subjects to conduct project research and conduct fact-checking tasks.
  • Worked with executive producer to complete team building operations.

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Entry level

Produced 10+ news stories per week over 1-year period. Provided content for distribution across print and digital platforms.

  • Conducted continuous research to gather prospective headlines and news stories.
  • Gathered list of research topics and headlines and presented to supervisor for approval.
  • Leveraged time management skills to schedule weekly story requirements and research tasks.
  • Conducted interviews and liaised with sources and fact-checkers to provide complete and reliable narrative.
  • Collaborated with production crew and reporting colleagues to prepare and deliver stories for publication.

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Entry level

Launched and maintained professional blog, growing readership by 110% over 1-year period. Coordinated marketing and communications efforts to promote brand awareness.

  • Designed and finalized professional brand strategy, including visual templates and website composition schemes.
  • Researched topics for marketability and relevance prior to building site content.
  • Outlined blog writing schedule.
  • Wrote and edited editorial and opinionated blog pieces, making sure to bank content 2-3 weeks in advance of publication dates in order to stay ahead of schedule.

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Creative director

Entry level

Introductory position into the world of professional content creation and creative direction.

  • Along with a group of friends, started a venture and took on the position of creative director to strategically produce and release short, but engaging video contents online.
  • Monitored audiences’ response to each uploaded content to determine what topics are most appealing to them.
  • Doubled engagements and reach across all social media platforms within 6 months.
  • Scheduled strategic collaborations with other content creators to gain access to a different pool of audience.

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Media planner

Entry level

Drafted and executed innovative business-to-consumer (B2C) media strategy to capitalize on newly integrated vertical. Controlled multiple media tools and digital platforms to deliver promotional content.

  • Collaborated with business leader to coordinate new vertical advertisement strategies.
  • Outlined content strategies and promotional schedule for B2C plan.
  • Oversaw creation and implementation of B2C marketing tools.

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