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Performed routine maintenance, servicing, and repair for a variety of large and small diesel, gas, and alternative-fueled vehicles and equipment while adhering to company, state, and federal safety regulations.

  • Maintained records related to inspections, projects, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Interpreted diagrams, sketches, schematics, technical manuals, and specifications.
  • Inspected, diagnosed, troubleshot, and repair malfunctions and mechanical issues.
  • Conducted preventive maintenance on vehicles/equipment, safety checks, inspections, and annual maintenance as per the company’s maintenance regulations.
  • Replaced various components such as carburetors, batteries, alternators, radiators, hoses, belts, bearings, gears, differentials, distributors, pumps, thermostats, starters, generators, cylinders, hydraulic rams, fuel lines, and joints. 
  • Installed and replaced air brakes, hardware, reline brakes, and performed transmission motor, and engine inspections.

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Entry level

Performed repairs on heavy equipment, construction equipment, and machinery using hand tools, machine tools, and measuring instruments. Diagnosed and troubleshot fuel systems, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and propane systems. Cultivated positive relationships with clients while providing exceptional service to customers.

  • Managed routine repair services on the equipment including oil changes, lubrication, tire replacements, hose repair, and battery replacements.
  • Reconditioned and replaced assorted parts of the heavy equipment and ran and tested equipment.
  • Diagnosed wear or tear on the equipment and communicated with the customer.
  • Maintained a clean and organized work environment.
  • Generated timely and detailed service reports and repair logs.
  • Performed regular preventative maintenance on the equipment.

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Assigned to maintain all of the plant’s property and production assets in safe, sanitary, and efficient working conditions. Stayed up-to-date on the company’s new equipment and technologies and offered recommendations for new parts and products. Demonstrated flexibility and a willingness to take on new responsibilities.

  • Performed preventative maintenance check-ups, read statistical process control charts and data, and provided reports to shift supervisor and head plant mechanic.
  • Completed work orders on time while maintaining high-quality standards and communicating mechanical issues to shift supervisor.
  • Utilized a variety of power and hand tools, electrical meters, and equipment to perform a wide range of site duties.
  • Conducted preventative maintenance to limit the chances of emergency repairs by conducting regular inspections and reporting potential issues to the site manager.
  • Participated in daily meetings and kept logs of maintenance objectives and opportunities to ensure efficient workflow.

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Entry level

Performed basic automotive care within a team of 5 auto technicians. Maintained a clean and safe working environment. Explained mechanical problems and possible solutions to customers. Tested parts and systems to ensure they worked correctly. Performed other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

  • Diagnosed and repaired brake, steering, and electrical systems on cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles.
  • Assisted in maintaining inventory of supplies and parts and reporting low levels to the immediate supervisor.
  • Ensured all paperwork was completed and filled out accurately following standards and procedures.
  • Performed safety checks, emissions inspections, and other vehicle examinations as regulated and required by the state.
  • Communicated customers’ specifications to supervisor before repairing or modifying vehicles to ensure quality and safety.

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Implemented strategies to improve automotive services and increase profits to turn around under-performing facilities. Supervised a staff of 4 to 5 automobile mechanics. Ensured the operation of mechanical equipment and machinery in the auto shop by completing weekly 12-point maintenance requirements.

  • Supervised auto mechanics to conduct general diagnoses and repairs to ensure that all vehicles met quality standards.
  • Ensured the health and safety of all employees by complying with federal, state, and work safe practices, policies, and processes.
  • Established workplace goals for customer service improvement and monitored progress against the customer satisfaction index.
  • Determined priorities and designated duties and responsibilities to auto technicians to ensure jobs were finished on time.
  • Effectively troubleshot customer concerns utilizing common courtesy and delivering automotive maintenance and repair service.

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