Maintenance supervisor

Maintenance supervisor
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Maintenance supervisor
Maintenance supervisor
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Maintenance supervisor


Supervised 35 shop floor employees and performed an annual performance review. Cross-trained employees on production efficiency and lean methods.

  • Developed and distributed work assignments, assessed performance, and presided over daily operations; assisted the team as workload required.
  • Ensure employees are adhering to all applicable company policies, local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Initiated lean methods such as 5s, QS9000/ ISO 9000, and continuous improvement methods to improve efficiency, quality, and reduce costs.

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Maintenance supervisor

Entry level

Coordinated the operation of the facility maintenance team consisting of anywhere between 2 to 5 technicians at a time. Vetted and negotiated with vendors to procure and maintain parts and equipment for quick maintenance and repair of the facility’s equipment. Tasked with streamlining work processes.

  • Tasked with developing an updated training program for new hires to expand on technical skills for apprentices.
  • Analyzed and reduced the cost of large expenditures by sourcing and contracting with lower-cost, high-quality vendors.
  • Developed and instituted improved parts and equipment work order history processes to enhance performance and predict useful life expectancy.
  • Collaborated with department heads to ensure operational assets and liabilities to improve communication and increase the reliability of services.
  • Led efforts to relocate parts and equipment storeroom to a remote and less expensive location to utilize open space for onsite warehouse meetings.

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Maintenance supervisor


Directed technician teams of 3 - 5 employees and made sure the company’s facilities were kept in good operating conditions by delegating tasks, setting schedules, overseeing repairs, and ensuring safety policies and procedures were followed. Demonstrated exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills.

  • Participated in employee hiring and training processes to ensure new staff was educated in the company, state, and federal safety regulations.
  • Evaluated employee work performance and provided feedback addressing areas in need of improvement and carried out corrective action plans.
  • Identified the need for and implementation of preventative parts and equipment to reduce the cost of repairs and production downtime.
  • Overhauled work order processes and procedures for parts and equipment resulting in improved productivity and efficient life expectancy.
  • Improved maintenance efficiency by 15% by instituting and achieving a low life cycle cost of parts and equipment.

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