Maintenance manager

Maintenance manager
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Maintenance manager
Maintenance manager
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Maintenance manager

Entry level

Managed the service team’s performance related to maintenance operations throughout the company’s facilities, including carpentry, electrical, fire systems, groundskeeping, heating and air conditioning, painting, and plumbing. Reviewed expenses and outsourced work to third-party vendors as needed.

  • Tasked with sourcing and negotiating prices with numerous vendors to ensure cost-effective purchases of equipment, products, and services.
  • Demonstrated full knowledge and understanding of all facility, county, and state health & safety standards and regulations.
  • Performed concurrent on-site reviews, noted potential safety, hazard, and productivity issues, and reported them to the appropriate management teams.
  • Provided support, mentorship, and direction to new hires to ensure a high level of employee engagement and productivity.
  • Achieved maintenance, cleanliness, and aesthetics throughout the company’s facilities, reducing the amount spent on outside contractors.

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Maintenance manager


Oversaw the bindery department with a $500,000 budget and a combination of 50 full-time and part-time employees. Coordinated employee schedules, vacation time, and overtime work to ensure projects were completed on time and met company quality standards and client order requirements.

  • Supervised the daily operations, employee performance, preventative maintenance, and safety processes.
  • Established clear processes and procedures for planning maintenance, conducting repairs, and completing facility updates.
  • Developed and implemented maintenance strategies to improve the response and execution of predictive and preventative actions.
  • Created and implemented safety standards and protocols that resulted in a decrease in workplace injuries by 45%.
  • Managed maintenance expenses and capital to ensure necessary activities came within budget year after year.

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Maintenance manager


Promoted within six months of hire to a highly visible leadership role of overseeing public hospitals' healthcare equipment repair and maintenance of service contracts, tracking service metrics, and resolving reliability issues.

  • Received Service Excellence Award for exceptional customer support and service delivery.
  • Minimized breakdown calls by 25 per day and sustained uptime of the equipment.
  • Supervised and trained 25 service engineers while ensuring prompt quality service delivery.
  • Trained surgeons, biomedical technicians, paramedics, and nurses on new products and procedures through a variety of instructional seminars and programs; participated alongside surgeons, ran live cases, and provided in-servicing.
  • Spearheaded service delivery processes to provide high-level customer service cost-effectively; evaluated customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction goals.
  • Partnered with senior management for inventory mapping purchasing, price negotiation, and Equipment Condemnation and Disposal(EBME) process.

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