Legal assistant

Legal assistant
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Legal assistant
Legal assistant
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Legal assistant resume examples
Experience level

Legal assistant


Support one associate and one partner by preparing, editing, and finalizing legal documents. Manage attorney calendars, scheduling all client meetings, court appearances, and travel. Monitor all incoming phone calls and emails and draft correspondence. Rapidly respond to urgent requests and adapt to ever-changing needs in fast-paced office.

  • Perform conflict checks with prospective clients, identifying and escalating at least 10 instances that prohibited firm from providing impartial representation.
  • Gathered court documents, including exhibits and enclosures, for over 200 cases during 5-year period.
  • Introduced and managed new case management system that significantly reduced time spent searching for and locating relevant documents.
  • Prepared and drafted thousands of pleadings, including counterclaims, third-party complaints, discovery, trial preparation, motions, and interrogatories.
  • Provided interim coverage for several additional associates and partners during staff transitions and leaves of absence, balancing up to 4 attorneys at one time.

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Legal assistant


Worked for a family law office, assisting attorneys with caseloads and paperwork.

  • Proofread and ensured all documented information relating to court cases is correct.
  • Organized and compiled information for paralegals and attorneys to compose written statements and secure affidavits.
  • Filled in factual information and procedural histories of cases.
  • Completed domestic relations forms including child support worksheets, financial affidavits, discovery requests, protective orders, and deed petitions.
  • Fielded phone calls and emails from clients and provided updates on steps in the trial process.
  • Met with clients to determine if their case is appropriate for the law firm to handle.
  • Liaised between attorneys, court officers, social services, and clients.

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