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Legal assistant

Legal assistant


Support one associate and one partner by preparing, editing, and finalizing legal documents. Manage attorney calendars, scheduling all client meetings, court appearances, and travel. Monitor all incoming phone calls and emails and draft correspondence. Rapidly respond to urgent requests and adapt to ever-changing needs in fast-paced office.

  • Perform conflict checks with prospective clients, identifying and escalating at least 10 instances that prohibited firm from providing impartial representation.
  • Gathered court documents, including exhibits and enclosures, for over 200 cases during 5-year period.
  • Introduced and managed new case management system that significantly reduced time spent searching for and locating relevant documents.
  • Prepared and drafted thousands of pleadings, including counterclaims, third-party complaints, discovery, trial preparation, motions, and interrogatories.
  • Provided interim coverage for several additional associates and partners during staff transitions and leaves of absence, balancing up to 4 attorneys at one time.

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Legal secretary


Organize attorney records, including email and voicemail accounts, using effective maintenance systems that allow for easy use. Draft, edit, and review legal documents, including transactional agreements and employment contracts, with a high level of attention to detail. Prepare documents for client meetings.

  • Communicate daily with 10-15 clients over phone, email, and in person.
  • Manage cloud-based document management system, including troubleshooting issues in collaboration with the vendor support team.
  • Request, obtain, and index records, including client background checks, police files, and documents from other legal databases.
  • Liaise between law firm and court, communicating with clerks, judges, and outside attorneys to relay critical information and schedule hearings.
  • Opened over 100 new client accounts, effectively managing all client records and retrieving requested information on a daily basis.

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Entry level

Support 2 attorneys by managing case documents and conducting legal research as needed. Leverage various online resources to locate hard-to-find legal sources and client documents to support cases. Provide excellent client service when making phone calls, greeting clients, and scheduling appointments.

  • Generate monthly case updates for clients and attend client meetings.
  • Transcribe up to 50 legal documents, reports, and memoranda each month.
  • Created templates for complaints and discovery documents used office-wide.
  • Maintain filing system for over 10,000 confidential legal documents.
  • Research case citations, statutes, and factual data to support caseload of 10-20 clients.

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Procure products, materials, and supplies for business operations and individual customer requirements. Conduct extensive research through sources like SEC filings, LexisNexis, and Westlaw.

  • Prepare merger and acquisition agreements for $100M+ deals.
  • Author legal briefs and legal opinions for dozens of transactions annually.
  • Influence company’s legal positioning on evolving business issues by researching case law and precedent.
  • Create and manage spreadsheets to organize cases, some of which result in settlements and some of which go to trial.
  • Represent company’s legal team in communications with cross-functional business partners, outside counsel, and third parties.

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Advocate for clients by leading pleadings, hearings, depositions, and mediations in family law cases covering adoption, divorce, paternity, child custody, and emancipation. Demonstrate compassion to clients while aggressively pursuing resolutions that are in clients’ best interests. Utilize deep understanding of case law and civil procedure.

  • Represented 100+ clients in divorce proceedings, including negotiations of property settlements, spousal support, and child custody.
  • Build rapport with judges, mediators, court clerks, and other staff to make weekly court proceedings and appearances seamless and cordial.
  • Advise clients on child custody arrangements and mandatory child support.
  • Lead discovery and conduct investigations to craft compelling cases in support of clients’ interests.
  • Served as second or third chair on 11 cases that went to trial, preparing extensive arguments to support client.

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Entry level

Work daily on commercial real estate and land use planning issues, including the acquisition, disposition, development, management, and leasing of residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial properties. Liaison between clients, government officials, complainants, and third-party organizations.

  • Draft, prepare, review, and negotiate various commercial real estate documents.
  • Leverage knowledge of environmental, water, and natural resources law to secure favorable outcomes for clients.
  • Conduct legal research on property and development case law.
  • Advise caseload of 10-15 retail and multi-family property owners on an ongoing basis.
  • Help structure joint ventures and public-private partnerships for real estate development.

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Notary public

Notary public

Entry level

Worked as a notary for a real estate agency, being present for the signings of purchase agreements, listing agreements, customer service agreements, and buyer representation agreements.

  • Documented, dated, and certified the contents of legal and official documents.
  • Greeted, directed, and assisted customers that entered the office.
  • Filed and kept complex paperwork and extensive documents in a locked storage cabinet.
  • Requested that signers provided government-issued identification prior to the signings of agreement forms.
  • Created notarial certificates attesting that the documents are legally binding.
  • Used a notary seal stamp to complete the signings of documents.
  • Maintained knowledge of department policies and procedures.

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Notary public

Entry level

Worked as a notary for an insurance company, being a witness to the signings of car titles, homeowners’ insurance binders, health insurance claim forms, and business owner policy forms.

  • Ensured that notaries’ signatures and seals were distinct and unchanged from their original forms.
  • Entered and retrieved information from computer, answered multi-line phone system, and followed up with phone calls to customers when necessary.
  • Filed important documents and sensitive materials in a safe and secure storage facility.
  • Traveled to various locations to be present for the signings of insurance forms.
  • Verified that all parties executed all documents following proper protocol.
  • Ensured compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies.

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Objectives and summaries

Summary examples

Legal assistant

Dedicated legal assistant who learns quickly and brings a positive attitude to the job. Highly skilled at communicating with clients on the phone and in person, with a priority on delivering exceptional customer service in every interaction. Comfortable learning and using new technology that simplifies and improves business operations. Previously worked in other professional services settings and eager to build a long-term career with a law firm.

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Competent and detail-oriented paralegal professional with exceptional research, oral, writing, and organizing abilities. Can pinpoint factual and grammatical errors in legal documents and re-write pertinent legal information in a manner that is easy to understand for both clients and attorneys.

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Dedicated corporate attorney with 7 years of experience working with public and private corporations. Client advisor providing counsel on a broad range of commercial and regulatory matters, including corporate governance, contracts, securities, M&A, and. Fluent at structuring, drafting, and negotiating agreements related to commercial transactions, as well as liaising with in-house counsel, business leaders, law firm partners, and third-party attorneys. Active bar license in the state of New York.

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Notary public

Conscientious and confidential notary public professional with highly regarded skills in organization, record keeping, impartiality, and maintaining good judgment. Possesses a vast and in-depth understanding of contractual rights and proprietaries. Knowledgeable and well-read regarding the content of documentation, forms, and paperwork.

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Objective examples

Legal assistant

Courteous and diligent legal professional is in search of a career opportunity to assist legal staff with duties that include research, drafting, writing, and proofreading legal documents.

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Hard-working and knowledgeable entry-level paralegal professional is seeking an opportunity with a legal entity to assist with drafting, writing, and reviewing affidavits and other documents.

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Passionate and dedicated law graduate looking for an entry-level position in a prestigious law firm where knowledge of legal documentation is an appreciated and sought-after skill.

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Notary public

Informed and honest notary public with 6 years of experience is looking for a position that allows customers to feel secure in being protected and cared for.

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