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Experience level


Entry level

Support 2 attorneys by managing case documents and conducting legal research as needed. Leverage various online resources to locate hard-to-find legal sources and client documents to support cases. Provide excellent client service when making phone calls, greeting clients, and scheduling appointments.

  • Generate monthly case updates for clients and attend client meetings.
  • Transcribe up to 50 legal documents, reports, and memoranda each month.
  • Created templates for complaints and discovery documents used office-wide.
  • Maintain filing system for over 10,000 confidential legal documents.
  • Research case citations, statutes, and factual data to support caseload of 10-20 clients.

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Draft correspondence, initial pleadings and discovery, releases, and authorizations for team of 6 attorneys. Conduct legal research and identify relevant sources of information for current legal matters. Facilitate communication between attorneys, clients, experts, witnesses, courts, and administrative agencies.

  • Worked on over 100 cases by preparing trial and discovery notebooks, initial drafts of settlement documents, medical summaries, and more.
  • Index hundreds of discovery and investigation files each month in secure cloud data management solution.
  • Trained new administrative assistant on document management and office policies.
  • Requested and subpoenaed 200+ records for court cases, including medical and HR records.
  • Prepared exhibits and deposition testimonies for over 50 trials.

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Procure products, materials, and supplies for business operations and individual customer requirements. Conduct extensive research through sources like SEC filings, LexisNexis, and Westlaw.

  • Prepare merger and acquisition agreements for $100M+ deals.
  • Author legal briefs and legal opinions for dozens of transactions annually.
  • Influence company’s legal positioning on evolving business issues by researching case law and precedent.
  • Create and manage spreadsheets to organize cases, some of which result in settlements and some of which go to trial.
  • Represent company’s legal team in communications with cross-functional business partners, outside counsel, and third parties.

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