Legal assistant

Legal assistant
Objectives & summaries

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Legal assistant
Legal assistant
Objectives & summaries
Resume Examples Objectives and summaries Templates

9Legal assistant objectives and summaries found

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Legal assistant objectives and summaries

Legal assistant resume summaries

Dedicated legal assistant who learns quickly and brings a positive attitude to the job. Highly skilled at communicating with clients on the phone and in person, with a priority on delivering exceptional customer service in every interaction. Comfortable learning and using new technology that simplifies and improves business operations. Previously worked in other professional services settings and eager to build a long-term career with a law firm.

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Dependable legal administrative assistant who has supported attorneys in diverse practice areas for over 10 years. Highly skilled at drafting documents and correspondence, managing attorney calendars and timesheets, and organizing thousands of legal files. Thrives in a challenging environment that requires creative problem solving. Noted for professionalism, confidentiality, time management, and workload prioritization.

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Accommodating and detail-oriented newly certified legal professional who provides insightful legal advice and can memorize complex documents. Well-read in tort law, criminal law, and copyright law. Works well in teams and is supportive of coworkers in stressful and trying situations.

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Educated and driven legal assistant with prior experience interning at a corporate law firm. Uses interpersonal skills to help clients feel comfortable trusting staff and confiding in them in order to assist with legal matters. Knowledgeable about business law and shareholders rights.

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Self-reliant and considerate legal professional with almost a decade of experience working with copyright attorneys providing advice on patent cases. Goes the extra mile to ensure that clients represented are treated fairly and respectfully. Exceptional multitasking abilities and writing skills.

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Legal assistant resume objectives

Detail-oriented, organized, and goal-oriented professional with expertise in handling Business Immigration petitions. Builds positive relationships with clients while performing legal research, e-filling, tracking, drafting, and submitting legal documents promptly. I have a typing speed of 70 wpm seeking a full-time position as a Legal Assistant at a law firm.

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Compassionate and compliant legal assistant certified as a professional legal secretary (PLS) is seeking a respectable position in a medium sized law firm for handling clerical duties.

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Courteous and diligent legal professional is in search of a career opportunity to assist legal staff with duties that include research, drafting, writing, and proofreading legal documents.

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Punctual and ethical legal professional with 8 years of experience in assisting legal staff is looking for a new opportunity to offer secretarial services to an exemplary law firm.

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