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Experience level



Advocate for clients by leading pleadings, hearings, depositions, and mediations in family law cases covering adoption, divorce, paternity, child custody, and emancipation. Demonstrate compassion to clients while aggressively pursuing resolutions that are in clients’ best interests. Utilize deep understanding of case law and civil procedure.

  • Represented 100+ clients in divorce proceedings, including negotiations of property settlements, spousal support, and child custody.
  • Build rapport with judges, mediators, court clerks, and other staff to make weekly court proceedings and appearances seamless and cordial.
  • Advise clients on child custody arrangements and mandatory child support.
  • Lead discovery and conduct investigations to craft compelling cases in support of clients’ interests.
  • Served as second or third chair on 11 cases that went to trial, preparing extensive arguments to support client.

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Entry level

Work daily on commercial real estate and land use planning issues, including the acquisition, disposition, development, management, and leasing of residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial properties. Liaison between clients, government officials, complainants, and third-party organizations.

  • Draft, prepare, review, and negotiate various commercial real estate documents.
  • Leverage knowledge of environmental, water, and natural resources law to secure favorable outcomes for clients.
  • Conduct legal research on property and development case law.
  • Advise caseload of 10-15 retail and multi-family property owners on an ongoing basis.
  • Help structure joint ventures and public-private partnerships for real estate development.

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Conduct extensive legal research to prepare diverse cases for trials, hearings, and appeals. Advise clients on best course of legal action and represent them in court on a regular basis. Work collaboratively with team of experienced partners, associates, and paralegals to secure optimal outcomes for clients.

  • Worked on over 200 cases and served as first chair on 9 trials.
  • Settled at least 70% of cases, negotiating favorable outcomes for clients while avoiding unnecessary costs and preventing penalties assessed during trial by jury.
  • Recovered over $15M in damages for clients by successfully negotiating settlements and winning court cases.
  • Prepare pleadings, arguments, and legal briefs for cases covering liability, employment law, constitutional law, and more.
  • Prioritize workload while balancing multiple active client cases.

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Litigate personal injury cases, expertly navigating court hearings, settlements, arbitrations, depositions, and trials. Complete thorough research, discovery, and document review to prepare cases for court proceedings. Draft pleadings and correspondence with opposing attorneys and judges.

  • Researched and argued 50+ cases in front of the court over the past 3 years.
  • Ran targeted advertising campaigns that consistently brought in over 100 leads per month.
  • Served as first chair in 8 cases and second chair in 13 cases taken to trial.
  • Procured and defended over 150 depositions from witnesses and experts.
  • Secured an average of $210K for clients in settlements.

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Take ownership of caseload of clients facing criminal charges of both misdemeanors and felonies. Conduct client meetings and plan and execute litigation strategy for prosecution and appeal. Train and mentor paralegals and junior attorneys while working collaboratively to prepare cases for trial.

  • Wrote and field over 300 appeals, motions to suppress, writs of habeas corpus, and amicus briefs during tenure.
  • Prosecuted 44 cases, winning 62% of cases with all charges dropped.
  • Handle up to 10 court proceedings each week, including hearings, depositions, and trials, by effectively leveraging resources and scheduling.
  • Supervise depositions of defendants, witnesses, and experts.
  • Routinely represent clients in court, delivering effective opening statements, compelling closing arguments, and savvy evidentiary objections.

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