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Data analyst
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Data analyst
Data analyst
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Data analyst resume examples
Experience level

Data analyst

Entry level

Assess key parameters using SQL and Python to drive product development with insightful analysis and collaboration. Maintain dashboards and data warehouses to quickly deliver information. Evaluate existing practices for efficacy and accuracy.

  • Optimize existing Tableau SQL queries to process data for new product launches.
  • Increase product sales 12% via market and exploratory analyses.
  • Improve SPSS syntax execution by debugging outdated code and writing Python scripts to automate processes for integration with other applications.

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Data analyst


Develop insights and data visualizations to maximize opportunity and increase efficiency. Prepare monthly reports for management and key stakeholders. Translate complex data models to understandable written narratives for ad hoc information requests.

  • Lead a junior data analyst team to synthesize data driven reports and present findings interdepartmentally.
  • Optimize Tableau dashboard systems through outdated query removal and REGEX string implementation.
  • Develop and standardize data cleaning procedures to validate accuracy using both Microsoft Excel and Tableau Prep.

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Data analyst

Entry level

Collaborated with three junior data analysts to process usable information and reported findings to appropriate managers and decision-makers. Helped to establish KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s financial decisions, requiring the analysis of large data sets to find relevant information.

  • Analyzed large and complex data sets to detect potential issues that could lessen productivity and provided deliverable actionable insights.
  • Assisted in the development, design, and maintenance of four products of business at the company.
  • Worked with product managers and engineers to translate the analysis into meaningful impact for the business.
  • Identified actionable insights and made recommendations to project managers and cross-functional groups as directed by the supervisor.
  • Supported payment risk control team by aggregating data from various sources to construct seamless information pipelines.

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Data analyst

Entry level

Worked with senior data analysts to identify areas and opportunities for business improvement. Collaborated with junior analysts to collect and analyze data. Created and reviewed reports for internal/external stakeholders under the supervision of the senior data analyst.

  • Interpreted data and analyzed results utilizing statistical techniques and disseminated weekly reports to management.
  • Maintained dashboards and data infrastructure while supporting an infrastructure rebuild and developing tools to address the growing business needs.
  • Utilized Python and R Programming to create software to mine data and generate reports to help with the company’s decision-making process.
  • Demonstrated exceptional critical thinking when solving complex problems related to business trends and forecasts.
  • Tasked with the development and implementation of BI solutions from data modeling to analysis and visualization.

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Data analyst


Collaborated with data analytics team members to extract information, facts, and figures from numerous sources. Monitored key performance indicators and created reports to help decision-makers determine and evaluate the company’s progress as related to defined initiatives and goals.

  • Applied technological insight and creativity to assist the business department to create and maintain scalable solutions and automated reporting processes.
  • Recommended improvements in the tools and techniques in use to help scale the team’s overall productivity and success.
  • Developed a deep understanding of business payments and website functionality which further strengthened analytical presentation skills.
  • Identified key metrics and built C-level dashboards to track the progress of the company and its highest priority initiatives.
  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams including Finance, Marketing, Product Development, and Engineering.

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Data analyst


Served as the primary interface between Indeed’s (recruiting firm) data and the business line to ensure that quick and accurate data analysis is delivered to the appropriate stakeholders in the Engineering and Product Management departments to assist with data-driven business decisions.

  • Turned ambiguous data-based problems and issues from business partners into clear solutions and recommendations based on analysis.
  • Continuously developed and learned new skills while working with cross-functional departments and teams of data analysts and computer scientists.
  • Identified strategic business opportunities to improve the company’s products and operations based on data analysis.
  • Exercised independent decision-making to define KPIs, protect data integrity, and create dashboards through analysis of data sets.
  • Created and implemented specifications for analysis and reports based on the company’s needs and data elements required to operate.

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Data analyst


Conducted full lifecycle analyses and reports on multiple sub-projects for a $2M CDC grant. Monitored performance and created reports/presentations based on findings and peer recommendations. Utilized infographics, graphs, and a variety of other methods to visualize data for key stakeholders.

  • Analyze websites to ensure consistent site traffic and conversion rates; make recommendations to optimize products and features.
  • Review visitor behavior and translate data results into actionable items that help drive business initiatives and improve company performance.
  • Created and implemented data structures and pipelines to collect, organize, and standardize information to prepare business insights.
  • Developed and automated analytical reports for various departments and key stakeholders throughout the company.
  • Established and maintained strong relationships with internal teams and provided data analysis and support as necessary.

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Data analyst


Discover novel insights using SQL and Python databases. Collaborate with project management and sales to create effective strategies addressing client needs and product development. Prepare and present annual revenue forecasts to C-suite managers and key stakeholders. Conduct financial and market research to produce automated tools and support company initiatives.

  • Spearhead data flow improvements through high-performance Pandas queries to organize data from 4.2K customers.
  • Incorporate SPSS key performance analyses into existing departmental framework to decrease costs.
  • Boosted campaign engagement 29% by providing digital evaluations to marketing departments.
  • Raised sales 14% by conducting focus group research for underperforming products.

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