Construction worker

Construction worker
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Construction worker
Construction worker
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Construction worker


Led a team of 10 workers in performing various construction duties in commercial buildings. Operated heavy construction machinery, controlled material usage and disposal, as well as championed safety.

  • Guided junior workers in utilizing floats, trowels, screeds, and groovers in placing, vibrating, and patching concrete.
  • Encouraged team members to comply with the health and safety regulations and procedures, maintaining a less than 2% probability of accidents or injuries.
  • Performed inspections on various commercial buildings, preparing detailed reports for the construction manager on the extent of repairs needed, plus the budget estimates.

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Multifaceted role requiring networking, negotiations and project coordination skills to oversee and facilitate all aspects of construction projects.

  • Oversaw HR functions and project workflow optimization initiatives to recruit experienced workers and drive construction projects from inception to successful completion.
  • Researched vendors and negotiated costs to ensure cost-effective, continuous and timely supply of materials to construction sites.
  • Outlined project work plans, delegated tasks and enforced the adherence of safety protocols to ensure the seamless flow of construction activities.
  • Executed regular evaluations and maintenance of equipment to ensure optimal functionality and the safety of workers.

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Construction estimator


Detail-intensive role requiring precise analytical and project management skills to simultaneously work in different projects at varying stages of completion.

  • Oversaw the compilation and evaluation of construction figures to deliver accurate estimates that facilitate the development of tactical project scopes.
  • Utilized data analyzation software to process, interpret and organize databases of information relevant to each project to streamline estimation processes and develop strategic plans.
  • Oversaw the recruitment and training the departments’ administrative staff to uphold daily work standards and improve workflows.
  • Maintained relations with construction project leads and managers to monitor project progress and ongoing costs.

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