Construction worker

Construction worker
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Construction worker
Construction worker
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5Construction worker resume examples found

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Construction worker


Prepared construction sites by digging trenches and backfill holes while operating equipment and heavy machinery including bulldozers and surveying equipment. Adhered to construction project managers and supervisors’ instructions and followed COVID-19 safety guidelines. Frequently traveled out of town to work on remote job sites as directed by management.

  • Loaded and unloaded building materials while cleaning the construction site by removing hazardous materials and debris.
  • Performed complex physical tasks on a construction site to complete projects on scheduled time such as cleaning up the site, building scaffolds, and controlling traffic on road crews.
  • Effectively documented installations through photographs and written logs.
  • Built and installed extensions, cut brush/weeds, and conducted storm damage repairs.
  • Ensured safety procedures on the job site are followed and reported violations immediately to management. Reported incidents immediately to the safety director with incident reporting procedures established by the company.

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Construction worker

Entry level

Worked on 6 small-scale residential housing projects, performing various roles, including bricklaying, plastering, wall repair, and fixture fittings.

  • Installed new lighting, security, and temperature control systems to make buildings compliant with the current building codes.
  • Assisted project managers with cost estimations by providing precise measurements for various sections of buildings, including material estimates.
  • Promoted site safety by disposing of site debris safely, championing the usage of safety gear, as well as removing safety hazards, contributing to the site's 80% reduction in accidents/injuries.

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Construction worker

Entry level

Worked on a multi-million-dollar school library construction project for ABC School. Directed traffic around the construction site, mixed and spread concrete, as well as laid bricks and stones. 

  • Assisted with preparing the construction site by excavating trenches using various equipment and heavy machinery, including bulldozers and backhoes.
  • Loaded and unloaded materials using various equipment and machinery, ensuring an orderly work site free from hazardous materials.
  • Supported senior construction workers by erecting scaffolds, placing warning signs, as well as documenting major structural installations.

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Construction worker


Performed a wide range of construction tasks, including repairs and maintenance, bricklaying, masonry, and building systems installations. Worked on mega projects, including roads, bridges, and dams.

  • A key member of the crew that constructed the 78km ABC to EFG highway, operating 20+ types of both light and heavy machinery.
  • Identified a major structural flaw in the construction of the FGH bridge, saving the company $400,000 that could have been incurred in future repairs.
  • Frequently lauded by engineers for accurately interpreting maps, sketches, and building schematics.

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Construction worker


Led a team of 10 workers in performing various construction duties in commercial buildings. Operated heavy construction machinery, controlled material usage and disposal, as well as championed safety.

  • Guided junior workers in utilizing floats, trowels, screeds, and groovers in placing, vibrating, and patching concrete.
  • Encouraged team members to comply with the health and safety regulations and procedures, maintaining a less than 2% probability of accidents or injuries.
  • Performed inspections on various commercial buildings, preparing detailed reports for the construction manager on the extent of repairs needed, plus the budget estimates.

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