Construction laborer

Construction laborer
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Construction laborer
Construction laborer
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4Construction laborer resume examples found

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Construction laborer

Entry level

Operated with project leaders, architects, plumbers, electrical, roofing, and builders in modular components.

  • Worked with carpentry, deconstruction, architectural details, repainting, and sealing.
  • Performed a wide range of construction activities as directed by the owner.
  • Dedicated myself to things until they were finished.
  • Built mutual trust with project managers.
  • Renovated both residential and retail residences efficiently.
  • Collected basic materials for fabricating patterns and filling holes.
  • Arranged ladders, scaffolding, and lifting equipment to transport materials to roofs.
  • Performed daily responsibilities such as maintaining equipment cleanliness, which included polishing and pressure cleaning machinery and automobiles.
  • Empowered the teams with technical direction. 

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Construction laborer


Performed general construction labor tasks such as job site clean-up and moving of materials by hand. Operated motorized equipment including power tools, hammers, and saws.

  • Assisted in pouring of vertical concrete.
  • Installed reshores as per supervisor’s instructions.
  • Loaded, unloaded, identified building materials, machinery, tools, distributing and returning them to the appropriate locations;
  • Dug ditches/trenches, backfill excavations, or compact and level earth to grade specifications using picks, shovels, pneumatic tampers, and rakes.

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Construction laborer

Entry level

Involved professional experts in all aspects of basic and completion woodwork on construction projects.

  • Finished business and residential projects on time and under budget.
  • Secured and handled the destroying zones per the blast radius.
  • Completed all necessary repairs on the inside and outside of the premises using shoveling and material lifting.
  • Worked with drills, saws, precision measuring instruments, and electronic testing devices, among other tools and machines.
  • Worked on buildings, roadways, heavy major renovations, tunnel and shaft explorations, and demolition sites that needed physical effort.
  • Maintained a nice and organized work environment by following business procedures.

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Construction laborer


Prepared and utilized building supplies to create structures or plug the gap. Loaded, unloaded, or identified construction materials, apparatus, or supplies and distributed them according to project plans or requirements.

  • Swept and disinfected the roofs for the preparation and installation of new building materials.
  • Completed interior and exterior residential and commercial projects with extensive construction assistance.
  • Demolished existing structures and renovated the sites for future construction.
  • Maintained client satisfaction by supplying the highest quality items and verified that all equipment was securely fastened and functioned.
  • Maintained a quick workflow and effective organizational operations by collaborating with the site manager.

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