Construction supervisor

Construction supervisor
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Construction supervisor
Construction supervisor
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Construction supervisor


Directed, recruited, trained, and conducted a performance review of 25 full-time employees and contractors. Participated in pre-construction meetings, analyzed, and interpreted blueprint drawings and specifications complying with safety regulations and building codes. Surveyed corners, building points, and accurately shot elevation grades. Guided and worked seamlessly with trade partners, engineers, clients, and project coordinators.

  • Supported job site with quality assessments of diverse construction trades.
  • Communicated project progress to the team members to accomplish common goals, and complete work expeditiously.
  • Articulated project progress with stakeholders and prepared periodical progress reports.
  • Conducted site checks to monitor progress and quality standards.
  • Executed all disciplinary actions, investigations, complaints, conflict resolutions, dismissals, and terminations adhering to employment laws and company policies.
  • Trained employees on the safe operation of equipment and enforced OSHA compliance and safety protocols.

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Construction supervisor


Complex role encompassing labor management, multifaceted project management and delivery of routine progress reports to stakeholders.

  • Coordinated construction laborers and teams to ensure the seamless execution and completion of projects in accordance with quality and safety standards.
  • Handled the acquisition of required engineering and construction equipment/machinery to ensure the continued successive accomplishment of project milestones.
  • Led meeting with stakeholders to outline project work plans and construction procedures.
  • Delivered routine progress reports to stakeholders and scheduling onsite inspections to keep them abreast of developments, challenges and triumphs.

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Construction supervisor

Entry level

Multifaceted and detail-intensive role requiring coordination with clients and other industry professionals to define project visions.

  • Monitored inventory levels of onsite construction materials and equipment.
  • Coordinated with other team leads to draft construction schedules and develop work plans for laborers.
  • Monitored laborers and delegated tasks based on strengths to expedite workflows and ensure the timely completion of projects.
  • Ensured adherence to quality standards and implementation of safety procedures.

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