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Managed 30 complex construction projects over 2 years collaborating with clients and their architects and designers from conception to completion including cost-benefit analysis and estimation. Utilized construction management strategies, cost tracking systems to complete projects from inception to completion while delivering exceptional personalized service. Oversaw all stages of residential, remodeling, and commercial construction projects and managed construction professionals to implement day-to-day operations.

  • Associated with land department officials to ensure accuracy of grade, wall placements, curbs, streets, and utilities.
  • Utilized sustainable design and construction methods that increase building efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Helped clients in selecting materials and systems that improve the workplace environment, limit waste, and extend the building’s lifecycle.
  • Managed quality control efforts, project management, and homebuyer inspections.
  • Acquired new properties and develops the scope of work and budgets for improvements; executes RFP’s, negotiate final contracts, and manages the project from inception to completion.
  • Directed all field personals to achieve completion of the project on schedule, within budget, with high-quality workmanship that confirmed to original plan and specification.
  • Maximized profits by building positive industry relationships and customer partnerships.
  • Partnered with multiple Community Redevelopment Agencies to create affordable housing on infill lots.

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Independent contractor


Managed multiple home repair, maintenance, and remodeling projects. Supervised and guided subcontractors on proper handling and maintenance of equipment, ensuring safety procedures, company’s policy, state, and federal regulations are followed at all times.

  • Read blueprints and construction documents while managing construction schedule and monitoring inventory.
  • Delivered high-quality remodeling projects by effectively collaborating with construct managers, builders, electricians, plumbers, and architects.
  • Ensured projects are completed as per company standards on time and within budget.
  • Installed custom options by accurately pricing and coding invoices.
  • Scheduled and tracked subcontractors' work time to process payroll.
  • Updated and documented all maintenance issues and project progress to the Construction Manager daily.

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Entry level

Maintained a smooth workflow and efficient organizational processes by collaborating with teams/ departments.

  • Implemented guidelines and rules and kept a safe working environment.
  • Worked with architects to overcome design issues.
  • Accepted and forwarded RFIs to the competent architect in charge for resolution.
  • Examined all designs for omitting errors before bidding.
  • Imported new equipment and materials.
  • Manufactured and delivered freshly built mobile homes.
  • Supervised procedures at most construction sites.
  • Designed and executed projects on time and on budget.
  • Reviewed project progress and made required modifications to ensure timely completion.
  • Checked inventory and placed orders for commodities as needed.

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Independent contractor


Complex, multifaceted role requiring practiced project management and cross-functional collaboration expertise to work as an independent contractor on several big construction projects.

  • Liaised with project leads and clients to define creative visions and project goals to develop strategic execution plans.
  • Compiled and evaluated project requirements and schematics to develop accurate estimates on project costs and timeline.
  • Leveraged an extensive network of vendors to source, negotiate and secure materials required for independent projects.
  • Effectively handled equipment onsite to ensure the seamless execution of duties as well as the safety of other workers present.

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Supervised and insured employees, subcontractors, and public safety, as well as environmental preservation.

  • Designed and examined restored residential homes, as well as a variety of technical activities in contract management and material, product, and service acquisition.
  • Delivered ongoing and prospective project documentation to employees and their families.
  • Provided current and future project information to employees and their families. 
  • Included new methods of assessing labor activities on all new projects to identify new, more economical multiple perceptions.
  • Interacted with architecture firms and construction firms as a coordinator.
  • Equipped all construction staff with the right tools and materials to execute project plans competently.

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Independent contractor

Entry level

Undertook several home renovation and confined construction projects within the Gotham City area.

  • Drove over 20 small scale home renovation projects from inception to successful completion.
  • Maintained a satisfied client base by leveraging relations and project management skills to liaise with clients to outline project visions and develop scopes to meet them within budget.
  • Evaluated project goals and requirements to draft cost estimates for the approval of clients.
  • Recruited subcontractors for specific components that contribute to the success of project.

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Organized all work quotations, proposals, installment requests, and changed order requirements.

  • Constructed an outstanding financial management system to estimate cash needed, invested excess cash, and lowered interest rates.
  • Delivered timely and accurate reporting, which gave joint venture partners trust in the relationship.
  • Communicated and prepared with project owners and subcontractors.
  • Proven track record to oversee all project phases, including concept development, budgeting, and color selection.
  • Ensured that all objectives and schedules were met by monitoring and updating project schedules.
  • Created site-specific regulations that mirrored the sustainability, healthcare, and safety manual's standards.

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