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Construction worker
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Construction worker
Construction worker
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General laborer


Performed water/fire/smoke damage and mold remediation repair including water extraction, pack-out of contents, removing/disposing of non-salvageable materials, cleaning, light construction, and demolition as directed by supervisor.

  • Installed and monitored air movers and/or dehumidifiers.
  • Conducted fire/smoke/odor cleaning, mold remediation, carpet, and upholstery cleaning.
  • Promptly reported equipment malfunction and addressed any customer problems/damage to the supervisor.
  • Completed assigned job tasks adhering to company processes while maintaining quality control.

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Construction worker


Prepared construction sites by digging trenches and backfill holes while operating equipment and heavy machinery including bulldozers and surveying equipment. Adhered to construction project managers and supervisors’ instructions and followed COVID-19 safety guidelines. Frequently traveled out of town to work on remote job sites as directed by management.

  • Loaded and unloaded building materials while cleaning the construction site by removing hazardous materials and debris.
  • Performed complex physical tasks on a construction site to complete projects on scheduled time such as cleaning up the site, building scaffolds, and controlling traffic on road crews.
  • Effectively documented installations through photographs and written logs.
  • Built and installed extensions, cut brush/weeds, and conducted storm damage repairs.
  • Ensured safety procedures on the job site are followed and reported violations immediately to management. Reported incidents immediately to the safety director with incident reporting procedures established by the company.

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Construction laborer


Performed general construction labor tasks such as job site clean-up and moving of materials by hand. Operated motorized equipment including power tools, hammers, and saws.

  • Assisted in pouring of vertical concrete.
  • Installed reshores as per supervisor’s instructions.
  • Loaded, unloaded, identified building materials, machinery, tools, distributing and returning them to the appropriate locations;
  • Dug ditches/trenches, backfill excavations, or compact and level earth to grade specifications using picks, shovels, pneumatic tampers, and rakes.

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Led construction projects throughout the community while managing and working with the construction tradesman to conduct daily tasks. Ensured third-party contractors have all required materials to continue progress and maintain quality.

  • Constructed Park Model RVs and Tiny Homes including building stairs/decks/railing.
  • Connected utilities (propane, water, wastewater)Electrical rough-in and trim out.
  • Installed blinds, appliances, AC Pouring, and concrete pads.
  • Communicated daily progress to the Construction Project Manager and partnered with volunteer groups to build houses.
  • Promoted safety, quality, and procedural standards.
  • Attended weekly team meetings and monthly staff meetings
  • Assisted Construction & Maintenance team while maintaining a clean shop and job site.

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Skilled laborer


Performed routine tasks involving heavy physical labor at commercial and residential construction sites. Managed portions of all phases of construction including clearing rubble and debris as well as remove waste materials. Operated a variety of hand and power tools to complete assigned tasks. Assisted subcontractors as needed.

  • Utilized spray guns for the application of material to ceilings or walls, applied caulking compounds manually, or using caulking guns.
  • Mopped, brushed paints used cleaning solutions/compounds over surfaces to clean to provide protection.
  • Constructed and disassembled temporary structures such as scaffolds, braces, barricades, and ramps.
  • Maintained a clean job site by picking up all tools and equipment and secured the job site each day to eliminate potential hazards. Hauled materials to dump or recycle as appropriate.
  • Loaded/unloaded and identified building materials, machinery, and tools to distribute them to the appropriate locations.

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Construction supervisor


Directed, recruited, trained, and conducted a performance review of 25 full-time employees and contractors. Participated in pre-construction meetings, analyzed, and interpreted blueprint drawings and specifications complying with safety regulations and building codes. Surveyed corners, building points, and accurately shot elevation grades. Guided and worked seamlessly with trade partners, engineers, clients, and project coordinators.

  • Supported job site with quality assessments of diverse construction trades.
  • Communicated project progress to the team members to accomplish common goals, and complete work expeditiously.
  • Articulated project progress with stakeholders and prepared periodical progress reports.
  • Conducted site checks to monitor progress and quality standards.
  • Executed all disciplinary actions, investigations, complaints, conflict resolutions, dismissals, and terminations adhering to employment laws and company policies.
  • Trained employees on the safe operation of equipment and enforced OSHA compliance and safety protocols.

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Construction estimator


Served as the estimator for multifamily, high rise residential, hotel, and office buildings with the budget creation on projects of the size of $200M. Participated in pre-bid meetings, estimated project costs created proposals, negotiated, and finalized contracts. Prepared purchase orders, negotiated prices, and selected/recommended vendors; coordinated schedules determining priorities and establishing strong working relationships with customers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Utilized Microsoft Office and Procore for estimation.

  • Reviewed complete bid breakdown and proposal with the Project Manager.
  • Managed subcontractor pricing, budget preparation, bid analysis, project risk analysis.
  • Estimated the project delivery systems with solid knowledge in cost estimating dynamics for Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, and CM at Risk projects.
  • Identified inconsistent issues on the drawings and specifications.
  • Performed estimates and developed budgets on Conceptual, SD, DD, and CD drawings phases.
  • Assisted the design development team with constructability and value-engineering ideas from conceptual design through construction documents.

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General laborer


Assigned activities such as carrying cement, demolition, metals, and mortar.

  • Used various instruments such as a power saw, tile cutters, and welding materials to trim equipment.
  • Packed and delivered materials, tools, and machines to building sites to mitigate the danger.
  • Identified damaged material and machinery and reported it to the department manager.
  • Collected waste in both business and residential locations.
  • Completed tasks safely and effectively while maintaining the highest level of quality.
  •  Kept track of the number of units processed and relocated by using daily production sheets or labor tickets.
  •  Checked Ingredients and products for compliance with corporate criteria.

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Construction worker


Performed a wide range of construction tasks, including repairs and maintenance, bricklaying, masonry, and building systems installations. Worked on mega projects, including roads, bridges, and dams.

  • A key member of the crew that constructed the 78km ABC to EFG highway, operating 20+ types of both light and heavy machinery.
  • Identified a major structural flaw in the construction of the FGH bridge, saving the company $400,000 that could have been incurred in future repairs.
  • Frequently lauded by engineers for accurately interpreting maps, sketches, and building schematics.

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Construction laborer


Prepared and utilized building supplies to create structures or plug the gap. Loaded, unloaded, or identified construction materials, apparatus, or supplies and distributed them according to project plans or requirements.

  • Swept and disinfected the roofs for the preparation and installation of new building materials.
  • Completed interior and exterior residential and commercial projects with extensive construction assistance.
  • Demolished existing structures and renovated the sites for future construction.
  • Maintained client satisfaction by supplying the highest quality items and verified that all equipment was securely fastened and functioned.
  • Maintained a quick workflow and effective organizational operations by collaborating with the site manager.

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