Skilled laborer

Skilled laborer
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Skilled laborer
Skilled laborer
Resume examples

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Skilled laborer


Performed routine tasks involving heavy physical labor at commercial and residential construction sites. Managed portions of all phases of construction including clearing rubble and debris as well as remove waste materials. Operated a variety of hand and power tools to complete assigned tasks. Assisted subcontractors as needed.

  • Utilized spray guns for the application of material to ceilings or walls, applied caulking compounds manually, or using caulking guns.
  • Mopped, brushed paints used cleaning solutions/compounds over surfaces to clean to provide protection.
  • Constructed and disassembled temporary structures such as scaffolds, braces, barricades, and ramps.
  • Maintained a clean job site by picking up all tools and equipment and secured the job site each day to eliminate potential hazards. Hauled materials to dump or recycle as appropriate.
  • Loaded/unloaded and identified building materials, machinery, and tools to distribute them to the appropriate locations.

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Skilled laborer

Entry level

Collaborative position requiring physical strength and deft skills in the execution of assigned duties.

  • Utilized and ensured maintenance of heavy duty equipment in the execution of daily duties.
  • Assisted in the loading and unloading of construction materials delivered to the site.
  • Adhered to safety and quality guidelines while installing building fixtures and fittings.
  • Reported developments and challenges to supervisor to ensure proper documentation and resolution of issues.

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Skilled laborer


Multifaceted role requiring meticulous execution of assigned duties to drive the overall completion of construction projects.

  • Enthusiastically executed assigned duties to contribute towards the attainment of project milestones.
  • Accounted for the handling and maintenance of heavy duty equipment and tools to ensure safety in the execution of duties.
  • Leveraged relations and communication skills to coordinate tasks with the construction supervisor to ensure the execution of time sensitive tasks that drive the attainment of goals.
  • Operated loading and unloading equipment to safely move construction materials to where they are required onsite.

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