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Experience level


Entry level

Operated a wide range of welding equipment, performing the four common welding types, including shielded metal arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding.

  • Interpreted blueprints, diagrams, and sketches, building complex structures through accurate welding of trusses, columns, and rafters.
  • Ensured quality by conducting exhaustive inspections on all welded surfaces and joints, identifying and remediating any flaws.
  • Lauded by the management for delivering quality works three times faster than most starter-level welders.

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Operated various metal forming and cutting machines such as Plasma, Shears, Iron Worker, Brakes, Drill Presses, and Saws. Welded all metals, ferrous and non-ferrous. GTAW (TIG) welding processes.

  • Utilized TIG welder to assemble fabricated metal products efficiently to maximize production.
  • Produced strong penetrated welds that are smooth, non-porous, and consistent while adhering to procedures and Welding Safety and OSHA requirements.
  • Used appropriate jigs and fixtures to assist in the assembly process.
  • Maintained a level of output that will minimize production delays. Ensured work areas are clean and organized.

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Directed 40 team members overseeing electrical, plumbing, heating, carpentry, dirt work, equipment relocation, set-up, and rebuild. Trained and performed performance evaluation for maintenance workers.

  • Facilitated, monitored, and managed the full range of mechanical equipment and machinery repair including unsupervised maintenance, troubleshooting, servicing, and testing.
  • Conducted equipment and component inspections, functional checks, and preventive maintenance; removed, repaired, reassembled, and replaced components and systems.
  • Provided detailed technical insight, interpreted inspection findings, and implemented a comprehensive course of action.
  • Inspected and tested completed metal workpieces to ensure conformation to specifications, using metal and testing devices.

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Managed a machine shop supervising 2 apprentices and 10 junior welders. Welded, maintained, and designed high-grade stainless steel to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor machines while maintaining the best quality standards. Planned, designed, and completed several end-to-end welding projects for diverse clients.

  • Utilized cutting torch equipment to dismantle assemblies and to cut material to size and shape.
  • Studied blueprint, engineering specifications, and production schedules.

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Coordinated the fabrication of a wide range of metal components, including beams, pipeline valves, cylindrical and rectangular tubes, etc. Captained teams of up to 20 crew, providing training and mentorship on various welding techniques. 

  • Delivered numerous fabrication projects to the required standards by accurately interpreting designs and blueprints and formulating strategic welding procedures.
  • Championed compliance with the welding safety procedures, reducing welding-related incidents by 40%.
  • Sought out by management for complex welds for pipelines, railway lines, and bridges, courtesy of exceptional skill and flawless welding record.

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