Construction worker

Construction worker
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Construction worker
Construction worker
Objectives & summaries
Resume Examples Objectives and summaries Templates

9Construction worker objectives and summaries found

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Construction worker resume summaries

Highly skilled and dedicated Construction Worker with 10 years of experience in completing building projects on schedule. Expertise in operating construction equipment heavy machinery, general carpentry, site preparation, concrete foundations, and framing practices. Possesses high school diploma, valid license with excellent driving record, reliable vehicle, good-quality hand tools, and the ability to lift up to 70 pounds and climb heights up to 100 ft.

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Energetic and dedicated construction worker with 5 years of experience in operating a variety of hand and power tools, including drills, forklifts, and skid loaders. Expertise in working under inclement weather such as extreme cold and heat, noise, and dust at the construction project site. Gained 30 Hour OSHA Card experience.

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Enthusiastic Construction Worker with 2 years' experience in construction, maintenance, and repair of multi-million-dollar institutional buildings. Solid skills in masonry, bricklaying, and framing, with a proven capacity to perform building inspections. Brings exceptional communication and teamwork skills and an innate ability to master new building techniques quickly.

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Certified Construction Worker with 6 years' experience in erecting and maintaining high-rise residential buildings. A pivotal part of collaborative construction teams that have worked on notable residential buildings, including ABC and XYZ flats. Proven track record of working in adverse weather conditions, safely lifting heavy objects, and operating a wide range of construction equipment and machinery.

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Accomplished Construction Worker with 15+ years of constructing multi-million-dollar commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. Expertise in operating various construction machinery, including but not limited to cement mixers, cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, etc. Impeccable track record of training and mentoring junior workers on various construction techniques to ensure the delivery of quality projects.

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Construction worker resume objectives

Avid Construction Worker with 3 years of experience in constructing small-scale residential housing units. Seeking a position with ABC Construction to hone skills in green construction.

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Seeking a Construction Worker position within a reputable construction firm to utilize skills in masonry, bricklaying, demolition, as well as building repair and maintenance.

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Quality-focused Construction Worker seeking an opportunity with ACME Company to leverage construction and maintenance expertise in delivering high-quality projects.

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Senior Construction Worker with a track record of training junior workers in innovative construction techniques. Seeking a new role within an established construction firm to contribute to productivity improvement and cost reduction strategies.

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