Teacher assistant

Teacher assistant
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Teacher assistant
Teacher assistant
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Teacher assistant


Floated between classrooms, assisting a wide range of students including infants, toddlers, pre-school, age 7-9, and age 9-12. Supported struggling students, specifically those with learning disabilities and special needs. Incorporated a wide array of materials and resources to accommodate multiple intelligences and students' various academic needs.

  • Collaborated with School Counselors and parents to devise and adhere to Individualized Education Plans.
  • Provide additional supervision for students during class, lunch, recess, between classes, and on class outings or field trips.

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Teacher assistant


Serve as a floater within the public elementary school for grades 1-6, assisting special education teachers and students within self-contained (resource) as well as inclusion classrooms. Adhere to school policies, teacher guidelines, and student IEPs to ensure student safety and achievement of learning outcomes.

  • Teach small reading groups to meet Common Core Standards for grades 3-5 (reading and math)
  • Help teachers with lesson planning and preparing for the lesson.
  • Assist teachers with record-keeping such as grades and progress monitoring.
  • Guide students choose books for their reading level from the media center
  • Monitor children during whole group instruction to keep students focused
  • Serve as ISS Instructors (In-School Suspension) an intervention for keeping students in a school with bad behavior instead of sending them home.
  • Prepare folders to go home, one with work completed and one with homework.
  • Helped students with their homework after school hours for students who have parents that are unable to be home with the student.
  • Commended by teachers and school principal for creative instructional activities and a calm, nurturing approach that helped foster an environment conducive to student success.

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Teacher assistant

Entry level

Relied upon and trusted to complete several duties and take on responsibilities as directed by the teacher while remaining motivated and enthusiastic. Demonstrated outstanding efficiency and organization to create an environment of learning where students could thrive and be confident about their abilities and possibilities.

  • Circulated the classroom to assist students to complete assignments by answering questions and directing them toward solutions.
  • Demonstrated exceptional interpersonal, communication, patience, and creativity skills to adapt lesson strategies to students’ unique needs.
  • Directed to assist students functioning below grade level across multiple subjects, especially in reading and writing.
  • Participated in ongoing staff development programs, and provided insight/feedback on the effectiveness of current training practices.
  • Worked with students in teacher-directed groups, whole groups, small groups, and on a one-on-one basis.

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Teacher assistant

Entry level

Performed numerous tasks including writing and editing curricula, creating worksheets, giving short lectures, facilitating small groups, and participating in interactive lessons inside and outside of the classroom. Helped to maintain a safe learning environment and administered best practices/strategies to correct disruptive student behavior under the teacher’s discretion.

  • Reviewed and recommended low-cost, online learning tools and products for the school during the pandemic.
  • Participated and volunteered in off-campus activities and events to encourage relationships and enhance engagement between parents and teachers.
  • Volunteered to edit a monthly student-parent magazine to increase local awareness and encourage greater participation from the community.
  • Championed local fundraising events and recruited community leaders to volunteer time to develop after-school programs.
  • Facilitated student assessment and created preliminary reports according to school and teacher guidelines.

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Teacher assistant

Entry level

Followed the teacher’s instructional and assessment strategies to ensure individual students’ needs were effectively met. Assisted to prepare for and conduct quarterly teacher-parent meetings. Helped create a positive growth environment by cultivating professional relationships with staff, students, and families.

  • Assisted lead teacher with attendance, grading, and other types of administrative duties throughout the week.
  • Worked one-on-one with students to help them comprehend and apply the principles taught by the lead teacher.
  • Monitored students’ work habits and progress to provide the lead teacher with insight into their performance and possible needs.
  • Set up audio and visual equipment to help lead teacher adequately prepare lessons and oversee last-minute classroom responsibilities.
  • Provided additional supervision for students during lunch, P.E., between classes, and field trips or class outings.

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Teacher assistant


Supervised the classroom in the teacher’s absence to ensure unfocused or distracted behavior was kept under order and did not affect other students. Built trust with students and parents as a way to manage behavior and encourage participation in childhood social, emotional, and educational development.

  • Worked with special education teacher to help 2 - 3 students with various types of highly-challenged learning disabilities.
  • Assisted educator to develop curricula and assigned work geared toward students’ individual abilities.
  • Implemented best teaching practices in the classroom under the educator’s direction, earning high evaluation marks.
  • Recommended hands-on lessons to revitalize educational strategies and encourage student feedback to direct future teaching approaches.
  • Fostered safe and trusting learning environments by collaborating with other teaching assistants and communicating with seasoned educational mentors.

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Teacher assistant


Developed a solid record as a teaching assistant in both public and private school settings by establishing a reputation for strong content knowledge and excellent organizational skills. Assisted the teacher in creating impactful lesson plans that reflected an understanding of unique developmental needs.

  • Maintained responsibility for multiple classes encompassing approximately 90 students per semester.
  • Reviewed and recommended off-the-shelf web development programs to enhance teacher, student, and parent involvement.
  • Conducted twice-weekly supplemental workshops to assist students to pass courses that typically showed high rates of failure and attrition.
  • Supported students with one-on-one instruction, group learning activities, and after-school review sessions.
  • Consulted with special-education teachers and guidance counselors to accommodate the needs of 4 special needs students.

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Teacher assistant

Entry level

Assisted in lesson planning for middle-school math students with diverse learning styles and abilities covering Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Provided pre and post-class tutoring lessons and checked students’ homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. Created detailed student progress assessments.

  • Provided supplemental mathematical instruction to students with varying abilities and made adjustments under the direction of the mathematic educator.
  • Tasked with creating single-page “cheat sheets” to address challenging concepts across various mathematical areas and grade levels.
  • Demonstrated motivation and dedication with quality to learning practices while assisting in the education of teachers’ lesson plans and strategies.
  • Helped to maintain a safe learning environment by monitoring work and classroom behavior in mixed-level classrooms.
  • Assisted in the administration’s implementation of distance-learning programs to facilitate the ways students and educators utilized online tools.

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