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Substitute teacher


Cultivate discipline and classroom control that fosters a safe and positive learning environment for all students and staff per school and county policies; ensure adequate supervision to assure health, welfare, and safety of all students.

  • Developed team-building activities that have enhanced student motivation and teamwork.
  • Teach Math, Art, and English to classes ranging between 13–24 students from Grades 2 to 5.
  • Incorporate digital technology into learning activities, including use of software applications as well as SMART boards, leading to subsequent implementation by the regular teacher.

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Elementary teacher


Taught a full academic curriculum (reading, writing, communications, mathematics, and social science).  Effectively engaged the children in small group instruction, focusing on each individual’s personal most successful style of learning. Created yearly coursework including the selection of teaching materials;  rapidly developed and adjusted lesson plans that were developmentally appropriate and met state standards.

  • Developed new teaching approaches after abrupt COVID-19 closures. Created virtual lessons via Google Classroom, Seesaw, YouTube, and Zoom.
  • Created a classroom management technique for transitions incorporating positive reinforcement and consistent routines. This new method has since been adopted districtwide.
  • Oversaw 2 community food drives during the COVID-19 closures.
  • Measured, assessed, reported, and tracked student/child performance utilizing CLASS and Creative Curriculum Fidelity tool.
  • Devised course assignment rubrics that were implemented and adopted schoolwide.
  • Established best practices for instruction and learning including critical problem solving and cooperative process-oriented learning.

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Preschool teacher


Develop and instruct age-appropriate lesson plans that encourage physical, emotional, social, and academic growth. Maintain individual student portfolios including skills checklists, labeled work samples, and narrative reports on areas needing improvement. Interact extensively with parents to provide regular progress reports. Showcase children's work to boost their self-esteem and to keep them motivated.

  • Designed and implemented research-based early childhood programs (3-5 age group) to allow emotionally, physically, and learning-disabled students to be mainstreamed into the classroom; provided developmentally and culturally appropriate instruction to a variety of populations.
  • Evaluated students learning capabilities and designed units of instruction accordingly.
  • Utilized a variety of learning skills and provided multiple points of access to the curriculum.
  • Established best practices for instruction and learning including critical problem solving and cooperative process-oriented learning.
  • Leverage a broad spectrum of assessment tools; delivered feedback in ways that furthered their learning and spoke to each individual's growth areas.
  • Developed innovative, standards-based units integrated across curriculum areas.

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High school teacher


Teach a full academic curriculum of American History. Designed and implemented customized teaching programs. Developed the curriculum for the Interpreting American History through Film class. Deliver engaging history lessons on different time periods, movements, and other historical events and personalities.

  • Integrated technology into the curriculum, supplementing class lectures and developing students' word processing and researching skills.
  • Utilized Internet for resources on current events, history, and literature to complement learning activities
  • Implemented various student-centered learning methodologies; significantly enhanced the class environment by acting as a facilitator to promote student leadership in initiating and creating positive learning opportunities.

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Art teacher

Entry level

Recent college graduate with volunteer experience in teaching art lessons to children 5-8 years of age at a recreation center.

  • Planned art lessons for three groups of nine children aged 5-8 in a recreation center’s afterschool program.
  • Supervised children to see that they did not misbehave or leave the room unattended.
  • Bought art supplies such as construction paper, stain-resistant paint and markers, crayon boxes, and stickers for use in art lessons.
  • Complimented children frequently on their artistic abilities and put their artwork up for display in hallway of recreation center.
  • Successfully got additional children to enroll in art lessons that I taught in the afterschool program.

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Music teacher

Entry level

Has a real love for music and possesses very good musical ability. Specializes in brass instruments. Dedicated to helping young students find areas in music where they can thrive.

  • Was a teacher’s aide in teaching trumpet and trombone to fifth graders in Chicago, IL.
  • Helped organize a Christmas program and concentrated on teaching second to fourth graders in learning and singing the songs.
  • Introduced sixth graders to some of the basics in music including rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, tone color, texture, and form.
  • Helped in the creation of a music history program for 150 middle-school children.

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Kindergarten teacher


Taught 20 students in a full-day Kindergarten class, with the assistance of a Paraprofessional. Planned and implemented whole class, small group, and one-on-one instruction using developmentally appropriate practice. Set-up classroom, daily schedule, and monthly hallway bulletin board. Attended bi-weekly staff meetings.

  • Participated in week-long Reading First workshops; devised new literacy activities and established a print-rich classroom environment; instilled a love for literacy in students.
  • Utilized learning centers, technology, and manipulatives to introduce new topics and reach out to each child.

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English teacher


Plan lessons and develop curricula by reading and understanding prescribed texts. Offer academic support to students ensuring a safe learning environment. Collaborate with other English department staff to create lesson plans, teaching strategies, and interventions.

  • Grade tests, pop quizzes, assignments, exams, while effectively communicating with parents, teachers, and counselors regarding underperforming.
  • Continually assess student needs and provide ongoing support to struggling students as well as exceptional achievers.
  • Help students learn, analyze, interpret, and dissect written material to compare, contrast, and discuss elements, like the theme, characters, and plot.
  • Created yearly coursework including the selection of teaching materials; rapidly developed and adjusted lesson plans to meet unforeseen classroom situations.
  • Implemented technological approaches to subject material; researched educational resources on the Internet.
  • Fostered a positive community, and prepared students for local, state, and national competitions.

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Math teacher


Design and present comprehensive lesson plans for advanced mathematics including Calculus Trigonometry, and Statistics, ensuring that each student can retain and understand the materials at hand. Develop unit-based projects that are centered on real-world situations to show students the importance of gaining solid education and how Math correlates with everyday life. Implement mathematical programs that build the knowledge and confidence of students to progress.

  • Incorporate various technologies in the classroom including ELMO, Digital Image Projector, TI-83 Plus, and computer software. Collaborate with colleagues to integrate new activities and allocate effective resources.
  • Introduced a Mathematics Enrichment Program for students who were not quite ready to advance to the next level; 100% of students progressed to the next level.
  • Offered after-school tutoring to help struggling students improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Participated in various extracurricular activities. Attended all staff meetings and professional development workshops.
  • Developed thematic units that incorporated real-world examples to introduce new materials, consolidate important concepts, and encourage student learning.

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Substitute teacher


Substitute taught throughout the school district, instructing K-12 students in all core subjects. Implemented pre-planned lesson plans in a stimulating manner, which facilitated all styles of learners and promoted active participation. Kept up-to-date students' files and communicated with classroom teachers regularly. Maintained a focused and well-disciplined learning environment, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

  • Liaised with teachers and administration to resolve ongoing behavioral issues of a student; implemented modification strategies and outlined consequences to get students focused on learning.

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