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Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering with teaching experience obtained in a medium-sized state university.

  • Provided high quality instruction with the goal of helping students understand material and meet course expectations.
  • Supported and abided by the university’s code of conduct as well as academic policies and procedures.
  • Authored a critically acclaimed award-winning textbook featuring innovative concepts pertaining to academic specialty.
  • Founded a university program that allowed students to brainstorm ideas for, design and invent robotic equipment.
  • Maintained integrity and showed courtesy and empathy when going over assignments and examinations with students.
  • Performed peer-reviews and editing services for fellow academics and colleagues.

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Academic advisor


Developed rapport with up to 20 new students and their families, facilitated activities, workshops and events, assisted students with the enrollment process, served as an academic and social role-model while maintaining ongoing relationships with students throughout the academic year. 

  • Help students with the identification of long-term goals and career plans.
  • Advise students within the scope of responsibility, such as new/transfer students, undeclared majors, minority groups.
  • Assist in the exploration of academic programs, provide academic direction, procedures, policies, and resources.
  • Maintain student academic and evaluation records with confidentiality.
  • Guide students with the selection of their courses for each semester/term and provide ongoing training and support.

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Academic counsellor


Planned and instructed each subject area using a wide variety of teaching aids, motivational, and implementation strategies to engage students in active learning; enhanced student academic and social growth by using varied teaching strategies and techniques including whole group, individual, and small group lessons, and teacher modeling to provide a solid academic foundation and positive attitude toward education.

  • Recipient of numerous letters of appreciation from parents for dedication and effort.
  • Instructed 100+ undergraduate and graduate students, working directly with students by teaching seminars and providing hands-on guidance for conducting research, drafting, and editing term papers, and preparing for written exams.
  • Developed differentiated curriculum to invite open discussion and active student engagement.
  • Led student-centered seminars, preparing students for real-world application of material by fueling open-minded applications of the material.
  • Completed lesson plans online weekly and administered quarterly testing; submitted all information/results electronically to administration.

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Academic coordinator


Drive the students and staff in the pursuit of attaining academic goals. Oversee planning, development, revision, and implementation of programs and policies. Recruit teachers and staff through a well-defined training program. Supervise 15 teachers and grade-level teams while optimizing teacher evaluation and performance improvement process. 

  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures that align with national curriculum guidelines to ensure compliance with district, state, and federal regulations.
  • Manage department’s budget, monitor expenses, prepare expense reports and allocate expenses to appropriate accounts.
  • Effectively plan, develop, and execute academic projects and continually monitor reports to enhance quality instruction.
  • Review lesson planning ensuring team members have all materials necessary to provide quality instruction.
  • Design specialized curriculum courses including Mathematics, Science, and English using academic assessment tools
  • Collaborate with the leadership team to establish instructional vision and goals for teachers.
  • Provide school-wide, grade level, and individual professional development.

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Academic tutor


Provide in-home academic tutoring, instructional support, homework assistance, and SAT prep after school, on weekends, and during summer breaks.

  • Customized tutoring and instructional approaches to meet the needs of diverse client populations.
  • Propelled learning mastery and academic success for dozens of students, boosting GPAs and test scores to new bests.
  • Tutored in all academic subject areas and guided students in test-taking strategies, notetaking, prioritizing assignments, and studying for exams.
  • Elevated student performance in all subjects and improved scores.

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Academic coach


Work with college students to help them develop and achieve academic and career goals. Cultivate good study habits among students while preparing college admissions, financial responsibilities, and exams as well as evaluating student progress.

  • Coach first-year students to help them address individual learning needs to increase achievement and persistence
  • Work with first-year students, in collaboration with faculty and staff, to promote the planning of intentional academic pathways
  • Provide orientation to first-year students regarding college procedures and policies, including registration, faculty advising, and academic standing.
  • Monitor individual student progress and work collaboratively with other College student support and student alert processes.

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Worked in a private university setting as an Associate Professor in the Humanities, educating students on a variety of matters pertaining to society and culture.

  • Performed academic research for online publications and authored 70+ peer-reviewed articles.
  • Assigned research papers to students to be written and cited using the APA format guidelines.
  • Published three award-winning scholarly books on new findings in field of study.
  • Secured grants to fund a research project involving the study of rural communities facing major crises.
  • Served on a dissertation committee providing guidance and constructive criticism to graduate students in the doctoral program.
  • Initiated classroom debates and discussions that involved significant student participation.

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Academic advisor


Participated in the creation, implementation, administration, and evaluation of all campus programs under the jurisdiction of the Center for Academic Advising. Coordinated numerous professional development initiatives for staff and developed marketing campaigns to promote curricular programs.

  • Provided daily counseling and advice for individuals and groups, testing coordination, and implementation for academic success.
  • Enhanced the overall collegiate experience for over 15,000 students by helping them utilize the university’s academic support services, maintaining a comprehensive success system.
  • Advised each student based on their unique abilities, interests, needs, and skills to identify effective activities, initiatives, and programs to help them achieve their goals.
  • Managed student relations activities, including student persistence and satisfaction strategies increasing enrollment by 2000 students in 5 years.
  • Collaborated with numerous campus constituencies, including Administration, Faculty, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, and other associates and campus leaders.

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Academic counsellor


Advise post-doctoral students to make educational and career decisions. Guide students in course selections, choosing majors, and explore opportunities to study abroad. Help students in alumni networking and interview techniques. Played an integral part of student life by advising students in making career choices, tutoring, financial aid, and personal counseling.

  • Improved student satisfaction and higher employment rates for graduates by providing effective individual and group counseling sessions.
  • Increased student retention by implementing institution-wide improvement of classroom practices focusing on academic support, student engagement, and faculty interaction.
  • Develop students' social and academic skills to complete college and embark on the career of their choice.
  • Facilitated organic program for developing students by coaching to grow their innate skills and potential into future leaders.

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Academic coordinator

Entry level

Administered exams, revised class timetables, and provided academic and career assistance as needed. Collaborated with senior teachers to design an evaluation plan that guided students through content learning objectives, ensuring successful completion of each course on the first try.

  • Assisted young students aged 16 and 24 to achieve their academic and career goals through individual sessions focused on improving their numerical and critical thinking abilities.
  • Led 10+ weekly academic workshops as instructed by the Academic Manager, ensuring all instructors were punctual and classes ran as scheduled.
  • Reviewed the schools’ predetermined curriculum and proposed changes to course outlines.
  • Gathered teachers' lesson plans and class roosters at the end of every week and verified that all grades and attendance were properly entered before submitting to academic administrators.
  • Revised program promotional materials, syllabi, and campus advertisements while maintaining active communication with students and faculty about class changes and rescheduling.

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