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Production worker
Production worker
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Adhered to specialized directions and deciphered designing plans to produce parts using machines and instruments by keeping the quality standards under control.

  • Examined schematics, diagrams, and guidelines to produce parts.
  • Utilized hand devices or machines to collect assemblies and conducted quality control checks.
  • Positioned designed pieces and sub-assemblies by utilizing layouts or understanding estimations.
  • Ensured gear adheres to maker's guidelines, investigated glitches, and called for fixes.
  • Maintained a protected and clean workspace by conforming to guidelines.
  • Kept up with stock to decide supply levels, submitted requests, and confirmed receipt of provisions.
  • Preserved assets by involving hardware and supplies on a case-by-case basis to achieve work results.

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Production worker


Maintained machines, noticed their working behavior, overseen tidiness, identified their activities to guarantee quality, and complied with proper procedures and regulations.

  • Abided by manufacturing guidelines and managerial instructions.
  • Established a safe workplace environment and workspaces.
  • Indicated production problems to managers and settled factory worker disputes.
  • Retained material stock and documented approved items in lists.
  • Investigated manufacturing lines for product defects.
  • Arranged machine parts and associated equipment.
  • Handled the packaging and shipping of finished goods.
  • Accomplished any other tasks delegated by the supervisor.
  • Packaged goods and maintained detailed records.
  • Performed daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of machines.

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Factory worker


Monitored the performance of equipment, guaranteed accurate production & stock levels, and handled the regular maintenance of the machinery.

  • Transported materials to and from loading ports, storage places, and manufacturing zones.
  • Looked after the assembling, packing, storing, and stocking of the products.
  • Counter-checked the finished product for quality and quantity. 
  • Ensured sanitation and disinfection of the workstations.
  • Reviewed packaged goods for any sign of contamination and transferred them to the shipment section.
  • Positioned machine parts and necessary equipment and searched assembly line for quality defects.
  • Performed any other task delegated by the supervisor.

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Assembly line worker


Managed unloading of trucks, checked stocks, maintained proper inventory levels, ensured packing of correct for dispatch, and provided support to presales and sale teams.

  • Packaged customer orders and assist with shipping procedures.
  • Determined items to be moved for the fulfillment of work orders.
  • Performed movement of finished products from the assembly line to storage areas.
  • Placed and sorted items on racks and shelves.
  • Kept file management system, including requisitions, work orders, and shipping details.
  • Initiated demands for material from the stock department in time.
  • Maintained effective liaison with transportation, stock, and record division.
  • Established digital files of material using computer programs.

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Production worker

Entry level

Operated machines, observed their working behavior, supervised cleanliness, and noticed their tasks to ensure quality while performing daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance.

  • Adhered to health safety rules and regulations.
  • Followed production guidelines and instructions by supervisors.
  • Maintained a tidy working environment and clean working stations.
  • Reported production issues to supervisors and resolved conflicts among factory workers.
  • Maintained stocking of material and recorded issued items in registers.
  • Checked production lines for faulty products.
  • Assembled parts of machinery and various equipment.
  • Handled shipping of finished products.
  • Completed any other task assigned by supervisor.
  • Packaged products and maintained accurate records.

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Production worker


Operated textile machines used in garment production and manufacturing operations and scrutinized components and items to meet requirements and guidelines.

  • Checked processing machinery for weaving and knitting.
  • Inspected looms to assess stoppage causes and mechanical faults.
  • Recorded the number of materials and incorporated them to ensure that the bin bags have capacity.
  • Maintained documentation for production line and reported issues like malfunctioning to plant manager.
  • Operated production line and conducted general factory worker tasks involved in the manufacturing and processing.
  • Handled stacking operations to manage finished products.
  • Supervised coding and sealing of products.

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