Assembly line worker

Assembly line worker
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Assembly line worker
Assembly line worker
Resume examples

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Experience level

Assembly line worker


Managed unloading of trucks, checked stocks, maintained proper inventory levels, ensured packing of correct for dispatch, and provided support to presales and sale teams.

  • Packaged customer orders and assist with shipping procedures.
  • Determined items to be moved for the fulfillment of work orders.
  • Performed movement of finished products from the assembly line to storage areas.
  • Placed and sorted items on racks and shelves.
  • Kept file management system, including requisitions, work orders, and shipping details.
  • Initiated demands for material from the stock department in time.
  • Maintained effective liaison with transportation, stock, and record division.
  • Established digital files of material using computer programs.

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Assembly line worker

Entry level

Verified specifications by measuring parts and trimming them to the correct sizes. Assembled components by examining connections for accurate fit, fastened parts subassemblies. Maintained a clean and safe working area by complying with the company’s procedures, rules, and regulations.

  • Followed technical engineering blueprints and terms, and discerned the quality of parts and materials used for production.
  • Built electrical products and components on the assembly line according to drawings, specifications, and schematics.
  • Tasked with inspecting and verifying parts for any faults or defects, reporting potential issues to supervising production supervisor.
  • Loaded product components reserved for assembly onto the line and packaged assembled products into packages.
  • Safely operated all production equipment, conducted visual inspections before and after work, and reported potential hazards to management.

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Assembly line worker


Read and interpreted technical schematics, and became familiar with the assembly processes for numerous electrical products for office machinery. Measured parts and utilized tools to shape and trim materials to appropriate sizes, and connected parts by welding and using bolts and screws.

  • Followed and implemented efficiency and safety procedures to ensure production activities were effective and efficient.
  • Reported incidents, faulty machinery, and product imperfections on the assembly line to supervising staff.
  • Stopped the assembly production line and halted work when defects or machinery failures were detected.
  • Resolved numerous production line problems by altering dimensions to meet specifications and saving the company 12% in annual costs.
  • Championed and maintained a safe and clean working environment by ensuring the assembly team complied with procedures, rules, and regulations.

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