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Machine operator
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Machine operator
Machine operator
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Machine operator

Entry level

Performed various routine tasks to set up, operate, monitor, troubleshoot, and conduct preventive maintenance on assigned machines. Inspected parts to the specifications and made adjustments to maintain quality standards. Set up and operated production machines per established procedures and guidelines. Read and interpreted blueprints and diagrams to select, position, and secure machinery.

  • Performed activities to ensure proper machine start-up and operation, on multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Operated and monitored multiple pieces of equipment during operation, resulting in high-quality production and minimal unplanned stops.
  • Effectively communicated with team members and supported teams for continuous production of top-notch products with minimal wasted time and materials.
  • Continually maintained good housekeeping and sanitation standards at the workplace.

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CNC machinist


Determined and set controls to direct machining factors like part speed, feed, coolant stream, depth, point of cut & clipping strategies, and programmed activity of CNC machines running parts for the precise and accurate product.

  • Maintained logs, records, and documents and finished important desk work.
  • Identified machine issues and changed machines to ensure timely completion of work.
  • Checked completed workpieces to guarantee conformance to details, utilizing instruments, formats, and installations.
  • Utilized precision instruments like dial markers and micrometers to explore errors.
  • Consulted with control engineers to check and guarantee the proper working of CNC machines.
  • Operated hand tools, including grinders, shapers, and lathes.

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Machine operator


Managed operation and control of automated equipment and peripheral hardware reviewing production schedules, process procedures, specification, and performing sequential start-up. Conducted automated equipment set-up functions including loading of electronic components, raw cards, feeders, fixtures, stencils, and chemicals.

  • Monitored the shelf-life usage of perishable chemicals, raw card assemblies, and production quality for the automated equipment and peripheral hardware.
  • Recorded data required for statistical process control for inventory management.
  • Performed sequential shutdown including the cleaning of the automated equipment or peripheral hardware.

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Machine operator


Monitored machines to ensure optimum running and meet daily production quota during each shift. Assisted with reducing setup time and weekly machine-hours factory-wide. Handled offsets within a short period according to standard safety procedures.

  • Performed overall machine maintenance by controlling maximum loads, adjusting machine speed, oiling equipment, and modifying settings based on production needs.
  • Assisted with decreasing setup times from 9 seconds to 6 seconds, leading to a total reduction of machine time of 21 hours per week and a yearly saving of $300K in maintenance costs.
  • Maintained production output above 105% by monitoring machine operation closely and installing system upgrades, ensuring constant product quality throughout each shift.
  • Recorded data on machine status logs periodically including breakdown documentation, actions taken, equipment replacement, and overall inventory file records.
  • Loaded overweight sheet metals onto machines according to safety standards and ensured proper placement before the beginning of the production cycle.

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Machine operator


Coordinated warehouse operations by organizing complex projects, detecting machine malfunctions, and inspecting assembly components for defects. Verified Machine Control Data and kept the equipment in optimal operation. Maintained a safe and efficient workplace while ensuring production met or exceeded customer requirements.

  • Reduced maintenance action by 81% by introducing advanced air filters, improving lubrication standards, and trouble-shooting line operation failures as needed.
  • Trained and mentored a crew of 15 mid-level operators in precision processing and quality output standards, ensuring their work complied with the company’s safety requirements.
  • Inspected machine components for any damage and analyzed assembly products for defects.
  • Checked employee evaluations, revised process compliance documentation, and compared month-to-month production results, updating the company’s database as required.
  • Monitored machine operations during the production cycle, including machines recalibration, diagnosis, and repair. Conducted preventable maintenance ahead of each shift to minimize operational downtime.

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