Manufacturing engineering

Manufacturing engineering
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Manufacturing engineering
Manufacturing engineering
Resume examples

14Manufacturing engineering resume examples found

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Quality engineer


Built world-class manufacturing teams at the factory while implementing processes and best practices as well as identifying and mitigating risks to engineer high-quality products. Instrumented manufacturing requirements, quality standards, and product quality plan to ensure products meets the expectations of target customers. Improved field quality through effective investigations.

  • Created PFMEAs, control plans, and test/inspection guidelines to identify and eliminate risks associated with products and processes.
  • Led cross-functional problem-solving teams to drive process and product improvements and facilitated issue resolution including root cause investigations and development, implementation, and validation of effective corrective and preventive actions.
  • Supported validation of new products and new production lines.
  • Collaborated with internal supply chain and external suppliers to drive continual improvement of supplier quality.
  • Managed control of non-conforming products and developed disposition guidelines.
  • Drove production operations to achieve both production and quality KPIs.

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Automation engineer

Entry level

Collaborated with 5 department managers in analyzing systems and processes to identify and resolve various inefficiencies through automation. Automated multiple functions, including several assembly line sections, quality control, and data analytics.

  • Achieved full automation of the quality assurance function, maintaining the probability of product defects at less than 0.5%.
  • Fixed assembly inconsistencies through strategic process automation, achieving cost savings of up to 30% and amplifying efficiency by over 40%.
  • Facilitated informed decision-making by generating real-time and accurate data on the efficiency of various processes.

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Manufacturing Engineer


Dynamic role requiring extensive engineering and leadership knowledge to drive multiple product development and manufacturing workflows to successful completion.

  • Oversaw design processes and evaluated product components to identify flaw and implement quality optimization processes.
  • Significantly reduced production costs and optimized overall operational efficiency by implementing lean manufacturing principles.
  • Analyzed technical data and conducted overall process evaluation to develop standard manufacturing/operating procedures that improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Consistently improved manufacturing techniques and product quality by researching and implementing new and innovative industry processes.

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Industrial engineer


Increased productivity minimized lead time, and improved quality by implementing continuous improvement initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Quick Response (QRM) strategies.

  • Identified the opportunities for improvements, determined the impact quantitatively and qualitatively, and led the project implementations.
  • Managed the cross-functional changes using Lean tools such as value stream mapping, waste reduction, root cause analysis, A-3 problem solving, project management, and Kaizen.
  • Conducted time and motion studies for setting up time standards.
  • Oversaw manufacturing process designs and created standardize processes and tasks.
  • Built analytical and simulation models for production systems for capacity planning, layout, and process optimization.
  • Created comprehensive dashboards to monitor the progress and effectively communicated with senior management.

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Quality engineer

Entry level

Insightful position requiring active learning and adaptive skills to work directly under the supervision of the head quality engineer to facilitate the auditing and optimization of quality assurance processes.

  • Routinely updated and managed detailed notes on work instructions and ensured compliance with established quality procedures and policies.
  • Documented quality assurance procedures, tests and results for reference, decision making and process improvement purposes.
  • Assisted quality manager in compiling data to define goals and facilitate improvement initiatives.
  • Worked within a team of quality control specialists to perform through quality testing for several projects.

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Automation engineer


Led the automated industrial projects and designed, programmed, tested, and commissioned small to medium engineering projects with all the stakeholders' responsible execution and implementation services.

  • Determined feasibility of existing system with the new design and proposed viable solutions.
  • Developed programming codes for PLC, HMI, and SCADA.
  • Coordinated with mechanical and controls engineers to process detailed schematic, architecture, and system layout.
  • Conducted initial testing of automated solutions and prepared reports for rectification of errors. 
  • Visited sites for smooth commissioning & on-site testing of SCADA systems.
  • Configured data collection and automatic report generation on a variety of platforms.
  • Mentored junior automation engineers and organized seminars and pieces of training. 

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Manufacturing Engineer


Reengineered manufacturing tooling yield, reduced manufacturing costs, process time, and labor cost. Recognized as a technology expert for resolving SAP production and revenue-claiming/backflushing issues.

  • Designed and implemented a hard drive burn-in process that minimized customers' hard drive failures by 40%.
  • Provided data storage solutions by building a custom fixture to insert hard drives into storage servers.
  • Led a global team and managed 4 international manufacturing facilities administering manufacturing layouts, product launch, and relocation of manufacturing lines.
  • Developed cross-organizational process and reporting database which improved reaction time.

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Industrial engineer

Entry level

Worked closely with 6 production line managers in designing efficient production systems and machinery to resolve the various production hitches witnessed from time to time. Performed inspections on all production lines and implemented remedial actions that amplified efficiency and output quality.

  • Supported the procurement department by preparing cost estimations and expense plans for purchasing new apparatus and raw materials.
  • Augmented the overall output by 30% after implementing strategic preventive maintenance schedules, upgrading production equipment, and slashing production time by half.

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Quality engineer


Challenging role requiring leadership and project management skills to oversee a 5-man team of skilled professionals to delivery projects within budget and on time without compromising quality.

  • Led meetings with clients to surmise their vision and budget and ensure the delivery of projects in compliance with their ideas without compromising quality.
  • Oversaw the acquisition of material and equipment in building projects to ensure quality and integrity of engineering structures.
  • Evaluated and optimized quality control systems to promptly identify flaws and implement corrective actions to mitigate risks.
  • Directly oversaw the recruitment and training of staff to ensure compliance with quality standards and an optimized work process seamless collaboration is encouraged.

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Automation engineer


Liaised with a team of 10 in conducting in-depth analysis and automating various manufacturing processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and maximize quality.

  • Routinely evaluated and improved the automation mechanisms for each automated process/procedure to reduce process downtimes and inefficiencies caused by automation failure.
  • Generated working drawings and detailed instructions, enhancing the automation projects crews' productivity.
  • Achieved full automation for various essential company functions, including production, performance management, and quality assurance, positioning the company as a leader in technological innovation.

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