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Experience level



Adhered to specialized directions and deciphered designing plans to produce parts using machines and instruments by keeping the quality standards under control.

  • Examined schematics, diagrams, and guidelines to produce parts.
  • Utilized hand devices or machines to collect assemblies and conducted quality control checks.
  • Positioned designed pieces and sub-assemblies by utilizing layouts or understanding estimations.
  • Ensured gear adheres to maker's guidelines, investigated glitches, and called for fixes.
  • Maintained a protected and clean workspace by conforming to guidelines.
  • Kept up with stock to decide supply levels, submitted requests, and confirmed receipt of provisions.
  • Preserved assets by involving hardware and supplies on a case-by-case basis to achieve work results.

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Entry level

Contributed to the manufacturing processes and produced finished engine products and components for larger units. Fit, fastened, and installed parts for large-scale automobiles, including control equipment, heating, and ventilating systems. Inspected and reported assembly issues to supervisors.

  • Cleaned panels using approved cleansing agents, including acetone and alcohol, to ensure workspaces are free of debris and foreign objects.
  • Handled a variety of parts and components and assisted skilled trade workers with entry-level assembly responsibilities.
  • Assembled and disassembled basic and complex valve components and products with little to no supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to read blueprints, follow and complete process documentation, and operate in a team environment.
  • Performed root cause analysis and fault isolation, rejecting and reporting discrepancies to completed components.

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Supervised a staff of four assembly line workers, interpreted blueprints, checked order details, and delegated responsibilities. Communicated with floor managers and supervisors, reporting on production, potential mechanical issues, and health and safety standards.

  • Oversaw the assembly and construction of panels for automated machinery for the automotive electronics industry.
  • Downloaded and debugged PLC programming as well as troubleshot production machinery and software systems.
  • Assembled and constructed panels and equipment to minimize costs and maximize production and efficiency.
  • Trained, supervised, and directed 25 assembly line workers responsible to produce electronic parts and components.
  • Utilized analytical thinking to fully understand the controls assembly and end-product assembly processes, and prepared reports as requested by the foreman.

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