Factory worker

Factory worker
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Factory worker
Factory worker
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Experience level

Factory worker


Monitored the performance of equipment, guaranteed accurate production & stock levels, and handled the regular maintenance of the machinery.

  • Transported materials to and from loading ports, storage places, and manufacturing zones.
  • Looked after the assembling, packing, storing, and stocking of the products.
  • Counter-checked the finished product for quality and quantity. 
  • Ensured sanitation and disinfection of the workstations.
  • Reviewed packaged goods for any sign of contamination and transferred them to the shipment section.
  • Positioned machine parts and necessary equipment and searched assembly line for quality defects.
  • Performed any other task delegated by the supervisor.

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Factory worker


Operated forklifts, identified defective products, packed completed components for shipping and handling, and ensured clean and safe workspace environments. Set schedules and responsibilities, delegating daily tasks for a factory team of 10 – 12 employees and reporting updates to managers.

  • Assessed the quality of commodities and maintained accurate records and outcomes at specific times through the production process.
  • Engaged in various activities in the production of food products, including mixing, cooking, and molding dairy products.
  • Ensured labels were properly applied to all containers and packages before shipping and took inventory of items leaving the warehouse.
  • Loaded and unloaded finished products onto shipping trailers and ensured drivers had the correct inventories to make deliveries.
  • Checked and maintained stock levels and reported deficiencies in products or raw materials to the warehouse manager. 

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Factory worker

Entry level

Demonstrated ability to accurately prepare shipments and documentation for all company deliveries. Received, inspected, verified, processed, and routed all products and components. Tasked with overseeing cleanliness of workspaces, recreational spaces, and outdoor areas.

  • Reviewed daily production schedules and tasks and made sure they were accurately completed on time.
  • Approached each task with a dedication to detail, quality, and productivity to meet and exceed company expectations.
  • Trained and operated all machinery and equipment according to manufacturer specifications and company policies.
  • Fastened different types of materials including metals and plastics and determined if other fixtures or cutouts were needed.
  • Attended and participated in meetings with production workers, department leaders, and quality assurance managers.

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