Production manager

Production manager
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Production manager
Production manager
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Production manager


Managed the production system, production scheduling, and stock of spare components and scheduled all industrial orders and collaborated on all components' mobility through the factory.

  • Instructed the development of thousands of production line orders and work guidelines.
  • Reorganized workflow using lean concepts and delegated tasks to supervisors.
  • Implemented average daily manufacturing tagging and count accuracy.
  • Established smooth flow of production lines and inventory control.
  • Monitored production numbers and tracked the performance.
  • Supervised preparation of reports and submission to higher management.
  • Trained staff and assistant managers to maximize efficiency.
  • Aligned and invented new processes and production lines with the engineering department.

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Production supervisor


Developed records management systems to expedite operational activities that increased productivity and service delivery. Integrated technological, procedural, and departmental changes to align with business goals and initiatives while keeping costs down and maintaining consistent workflow.

  • Managed a team of 10 – 12 direct reports in a fast-paced production environment to ensure adherence to the company’s safety and quality requirements.
  • Revitalized dormant/stagnant accounts and gained preferred provider status that drove a rapid sales growth of 12% year over year.
  • Monitored the production team’s daily and weekly performance, encouraged efficient and error-free work processes, and initiated departmental changes when necessary.
  • Increased production by 10% over 3 months, generating higher sales and increasing brand awareness in new markets.
  • Inspected and confirmed all production equipment was functional and made repair requests or ordered replacement parts ahead of time.

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Plant manager


Demonstrated hands-on knowledge and experience with technical injection molding processes, quality control, tooling, and material management machinery. Planned, organized, and directed efficient day-to-day operations to exceed the company’s goals and expectations while meeting our customers’ needs.

  • Implemented strategies in alignment with company goals and initiatives to provide the manufacturing team with a clear sense of focus and direction.
  • Exhibited independent critical-thinking skills and sound judgment to ascertain and resolve problems on the manufacturing floor.
  • Facilitated communications between production staff and company managers to ensure workflow processes and company initiatives were aligned.
  • Set the day-to-day duties for equipment and machinery maintenance and ensured the appropriate number of staff were present to achieve responsibilities.
  • Negotiated and renewed contracts with thirty party service providers to ensure production materials and machinery were readily available.

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Production planner


Planned and prioritized the production and workflow of multiple projects to facilitate maximum output and minimum delay. Determined the resources, equipment, and raw materials needed to cover production demands to grow and maintain customer loyalty and improve bottom-line results.

  • Collaborated with production and distribution teams to expedite manufacturing requirements according to material availability, machine capacities, and resources.
  • Planned and prioritized manufacturing operations to ensure customer schedules and order requirements were met.
  • Communicated and coordinated with purchasing managers to ensure materials were expedited on time and in appropriate quantities.
  • Supported the company’s improvement efforts by conducting regular inspections and evaluating production schedules.
  • Obtained clarification for necessary technical and quality documentation and requirements and verified customer specifications were met.

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Production coordinator


Oversaw planning, scheduling, directing, and executing production activities to ensure projects were completed on time and within budget. Collaborated with sales, marketing, and purchasing teams to ensure raw production materials were available to fulfill customer orders efficiently and effectively.  

  • Reviewed all customer requests, issued and tracked work orders, and ensured required materials were in supply on the production floor.
  • Expedited, prioritized, and monitored customer orders depending on project size and scope, and production and delivery time.
  • Analyzed, evaluated, and responded to all issues and concerns that had the potential of adversely affecting production schedules.
  • Assisted in the development of standard operating procedures for the department and continually improved production processes.
  • Maintained accurate daily records for all import/export products by communicating and following up with overseas vendors and customers.

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Production manager


Collaborated with multiple departments to improve production lines and introduce new manufacturing processes. Directed quality assurance programs and achieved margin goals by reinforcing relationships with international vendors across Europe and Asia. Negotiated product costs and addressed logistic issues.

  • Managed a yearly revenue of $300M through active negotiations with vendors to achieve competitive costs without compromising product quality.
  • Improved production processes by 25% by implementing a new scorecard evaluation system.
  • Outlined departmental performance standards, monitored employee performance, and adjusted metrics based on changing business objectives.
  • Trained and coordinated the work of 200+ staff members by scheduling shifts and providing guidelines to maximize efficiency while maintaining product quality and customer focus.
  • Partnered with upper management to implement new leadership initiatives to improve service quality, enhance brand reputation, and introduce the company’s products to foreign markets.

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