Production manager

Production manager
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Production manager
Production manager
Resume examples

16Production manager resume examples found

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Production supervisor

Entry level

Supervised the manufacturing operations for numerous machine tool and assembly operations by constantly inspecting production floors. Met with management and participated in the continuous development and implementation of process improvements to the production department.

  • Worked in conjunction with other departments to ensure workflow occurred efficiently throughout the production floor.
  • Evaluated employee performance, recommended areas for improvement, and made decisions regarding promotions, raises, and disciplinary actions.
  • Oversaw and coordinated responsibilities for all assigned machine operators, stackers, packers, and material handlers.
  • Maintained work practices, workflows, and management styles reflecting company values and ideals where product quality and output are essential.
  • Communicated with the production team, operations manager, and sales manager to ensure workflow and processes ran smoothly.

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Plant manager

Entry level

Oversaw the daily operations of a technology parts manufacturing plant by inspecting and repairing electrical, plumbing, and sanitation issues. Hired and trained production staff, reviewed performance records, machinery quality, and inventory numbers, and coordinated to enforce necessary changes.

  • Maintained and improved cost-effective and high-quality department operations resulting in a 10 percent reduction in monthly expenditures.
  • Implemented strategies that increased production while maintaining quality standards, shipping standards, and minimizing unnecessary costs.
  • Worked cooperatively with cross-functional teams to maintain the company’s standards and professional interactions with outside parties.
  • Instituted workplace hiring, training, and mentoring program to ensure staff was properly equipped to be safe and productive.
  • Developed processes to track and optimize productivity standards, measure performance, and provide data to ensure a positive return on assets.

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Production planner

Entry level

Charged with planning and managing the production processes of an international clothing manufacturing company. Created work and production schedules under the direction and supervision of the production manager. Reviewed supply chain activities from start to finish ensuring quality service.

  • Planned, prepared, and implemented production schedules and coordinated with production managers to facilitate workflow.
  • Scheduled personnel and equipment, confirmed material supply and demands, and prepared purchase orders.
  • Advised management of the status of the work in progress, material availability, and potential production technical issues.
  • Coordinated interdepartmental activities regarding purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, inventory control, and quality control.
  • Expedited the movement of parts utilizing data of stock transfers, move orders, and requests for shipping orders.

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Production coordinator

Entry level

Planned, purchased, and expedited the production of auto parts. Ensured production schedules were met and shipments to customers were completed on time and without error. Determined employees’ weekly schedules based on the availability of materials, production, capacity, and customer orders.

  • Sourced, negotiated, and coordinated with third-party vendors and interdepartmental teams to facilitate the garment production process.
  • Reviewed and followed designers’ instructions, prepared and submitted prototypes, and executed production development.
  • Communicated daily with company branches throughout the states to track the development and production of various projects.
  • Coordinated with designers, customers, and technical designers to ensure all production requirements such as materials, colors, and trims were accurately met.
  • Followed up with vendors to ensure that product samples are executed correctly and ready for client review before starting manufacturing activities.

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