Production manager

Production manager
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Production manager
Production manager
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Production manager


Managed plant operation and maintenance of machinery used to manufacture custom components for a variety of industries, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and automotive.

  • Managed daily operational processes of the production plant.
  • Achieved productivity, efficiency, and employee retention goals with individual and team effort.
  • Stabilized the workload and ensured appropriate coaching of the design and manufacturing department.
  • Created mentoring clips and procedures manual for a good explanation of assembly operations.
  • Developed an innovative wage scale focused on knowledge and training of different industrial aspects.
  • Launched a new work schedules board to enhance workload monitoring. 
  • Initiated a new work schedules board to achieve workload monitoring.
  • Monitored department staffing, scheduling, and overtime.

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Production manager


Organized coordination of production supervisors with other divisions to meet growth targets and audited all standards and procedures for adherence.

  • Followed proper processes for operation of production lines.
  • Guaranteed the highest quality standards for printing and labeling.
  • Educated staff on safety policies and procedures.
  • Coordinated employees' education and organized capacity training and cross-training of operators based on skill requirements.
  • Analyzed workflow issues and resolved them to improve effectiveness and product yields.
  • Managed and developed direct and indirect reports.
  • Handled all aspects of performance management and delivered constructive and proper feedback.
  • Designed and established production monitoring and quality assurance.

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Production manager


Managed the production system, production scheduling, and stock of spare components and scheduled all industrial orders and collaborated on all components' mobility through the factory.

  • Instructed the development of thousands of production line orders and work guidelines.
  • Reorganized workflow using lean concepts and delegated tasks to supervisors.
  • Implemented average daily manufacturing tagging and count accuracy.
  • Established smooth flow of production lines and inventory control.
  • Monitored production numbers and tracked the performance.
  • Supervised preparation of reports and submission to higher management.
  • Trained staff and assistant managers to maximize efficiency.
  • Aligned and invented new processes and production lines with the engineering department.

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Production manager


Collaborated with multiple departments to improve production lines and introduce new manufacturing processes. Directed quality assurance programs and achieved margin goals by reinforcing relationships with international vendors across Europe and Asia. Negotiated product costs and addressed logistic issues.

  • Managed a yearly revenue of $300M through active negotiations with vendors to achieve competitive costs without compromising product quality.
  • Improved production processes by 25% by implementing a new scorecard evaluation system.
  • Outlined departmental performance standards, monitored employee performance, and adjusted metrics based on changing business objectives.
  • Trained and coordinated the work of 200+ staff members by scheduling shifts and providing guidelines to maximize efficiency while maintaining product quality and customer focus.
  • Partnered with upper management to implement new leadership initiatives to improve service quality, enhance brand reputation, and introduce the company’s products to foreign markets.

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