Production planner

Production planner
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Production planner
Production planner
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Production planner


Planned and prioritized the production and workflow of multiple projects to facilitate maximum output and minimum delay. Determined the resources, equipment, and raw materials needed to cover production demands to grow and maintain customer loyalty and improve bottom-line results.

  • Collaborated with production and distribution teams to expedite manufacturing requirements according to material availability, machine capacities, and resources.
  • Planned and prioritized manufacturing operations to ensure customer schedules and order requirements were met.
  • Communicated and coordinated with purchasing managers to ensure materials were expedited on time and in appropriate quantities.
  • Supported the company’s improvement efforts by conducting regular inspections and evaluating production schedules.
  • Obtained clarification for necessary technical and quality documentation and requirements and verified customer specifications were met.

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Production planner


Assisted procurement, production, stock, and transportation teams to deliver finished products and meet scheduled production levels.

  • Reviewed annual schedules to devise daily, weekly, and monthly planners.
  • Observed daily production levels to meet weekly targets and monthly goals.
  • Maintained record of customer orders and ensured their fulfillment in time.
  • Scheduled and attended meetings with the plant manager and production supervisors.
  • Devised charts to monitor various activities and planners.
  • Reported issues and deficiencies to upper management.
  • Aided quality control division to ensure quality standards and procedures.
  • Ensured quick response to customers on out-of-stock items.

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Production planner

Entry level

Charged with planning and managing the production processes of an international clothing manufacturing company. Created work and production schedules under the direction and supervision of the production manager. Reviewed supply chain activities from start to finish ensuring quality service.

  • Planned, prepared, and implemented production schedules and coordinated with production managers to facilitate workflow.
  • Scheduled personnel and equipment, confirmed material supply and demands, and prepared purchase orders.
  • Advised management of the status of the work in progress, material availability, and potential production technical issues.
  • Coordinated interdepartmental activities regarding purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, inventory control, and quality control.
  • Expedited the movement of parts utilizing data of stock transfers, move orders, and requests for shipping orders.

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