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Gardening resume examples
Experience level


Entry level

Assisted Crew Leader in annually selecting plant and tree varieties from our seed collection to use on projects for businesses and private residences according to location. Ensured the adequate isolation per seed variety to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination growth to maintain aesthetic standards.

  • Used, cleaned, and maintained basic tools and equipment, such as hoes, shovels, pruners, hedge shears, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers.
  • Transplanted small plant material (e.g., planting soil, mulch, etc.) and maintained garden areas during establishment and growth periods.
  • Nurtured multiple clients’ assigned garden areas daily by watering, weeding, edging, grooming, and removing debris.
  • Evaluated the health of grass, plants, shrubs, trees, and soil and made adjustments to irrigation under the direction of the crew leader.
  • Adhered to all written safety policies and procedures, and followed all directions and precautions in the use of chemicals and equipment.

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Assisted with hiring, training, and coordinating efforts of both full-time and seasonal staff. Coordinated initial cultivation and preparation of garden areas, such as thinning, mulching, removing weeds, and installing simple borders. Trimmed garden areas according to client requests and best practices.

  • Maintained accurate inventory records and negotiated with national vendors to ensure desired seeds and other products were replenished.
  • Ensured the proper care, use, and maintenance of supplies and equipment, and promoted continuous improvement of workplace safety.
  • Assisted team supervisors with planning and scheduling ongoing specialized residential, commercial, and public gardens.
  • Assured supplies and equipment, logistics, and staff were adequately coordinated between teams for efficient completion of projects.
  • Tasked with sourcing and preparing job opportunities and creating proposals for short and long-term projects with clients.

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Oversaw multiple gardening projects by performing gardening tasks and installing new plant material. Supervised and trained gardening staff on meeting established goals by prioritizing projects and eliminating waste. Provided gardening services and maintenance at community golf park. Performed horticultural duties such as planting, pruning, and fertilization.

  • Prevented garden pests using organic and homemade products without damaging the ecosystem or poison plants. Maintained accurate records of inventory, scheduling, and upkeep.
  • Ensured plants and trees are healthy, identified and treated weeds, pests, and diseases, and applied mulch and fertilizers.
  • Installed, operated, and maintained irrigation systems.
  • Pruned and trimmed trees, shrubs, and hedges, and installed plant supports and protection.
  • Accurately completed daily work orders and planter assembly digitally.
  • Effectively communicate with clients regarding the performance of the client’s garden beds.
  • Worked under the supervision of General Manager and Human Resources Department.
  • Calculated labor hours of gardening staff for payroll.

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