Electronic technician

Electronic technician
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Electronic technician
Electronic technician
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Electronic technician


Oversaw multiple complex circuits while planning, sequencing, selection of appropriate tools, and testing instruments. Complied to industries' best practices/standards and quality control processes in installation and servicing plan.

  • Managed the installation and maintenance of sub-level devices(patch panels, junction boxes) and head-end equipment.
  • Drove cables/fiber installation design plans by studying component level schematic diagrams for systems, equipment, and devices identifying appropriate cables from drawings and cable summaries.
  • Interpret designs and ESS-related documents.
  • Repaired and maintained all types of electronic security system equipment such as CCTV, ACS, IDS, and VMS.
  • Installed diverse ESS systems and devices including ACS/IDS, CCTV, VMS.
  • Prepared and installed cable pathways and spaces.
  • Performed field verification testing, FiberOptic termination, and splicing.
  • Installed wireless cell site foundations and up-top equipment including masts, clamping, bracing, supports, antennas, RRUs, cabling, bolting, true up, shooting proper azimuth within tolerances.
  • Analyzed maps and a compass, torque, specifications, labeling, pictures, documentation, plumb, and tilt readings with smart level. Assembled monopoles, all weld and knockdown self-support, and guyed towers.
  • Cleaned and managed tool inventory and upkeep daily on the job site.

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