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Facilitated patient care in ER and Urgent Care while consulting with other medical practitioners to diagnose diseases and identify structural and functional changes to body tissue, fluids, secretions, and other specimens.

  • Evaluated the presence and stage of diseases, utilizing laboratory procedures if necessary. Discuss cases with supervising physicians, creating consultative notes and daily progress notes.
  • Articulated with nurses, occupational therapists, and social workers, resulting in the discharge planning of patients.
  • Effectively communicate with patients and family members using clarity; update medical progress and develop discharge plans.
  • Maintained clear charting and patient documentation including records of patient-encounter progress notes, treatment plans, and consultation requests.
  • Provided patients and their families with the information, guidance, and direction needed to maximize the outcomes of their medical care.
  • Performed thorough clinical assessments, diagnosing patients, and formulating treatment plans.

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Conducted screenings and skin evaluations, analyzing patients’ medical history to determine appropriate treatments. Administered effectiveness of the treatments and referred patients to different specialists if needed. 

  • Maintained accurate records by documenting symptoms, medications, and treatment procedures and writing summaries.
  • Treated diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive, minimally invasive, or non-invasive surgical methods, such as using instruments, appliances, or manual manipulation.
  • Performed follow-up exams until the patients are cured determining treatment results while providing alternative treatment options to patients.
  • Evaluated patient's skin problems to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment.  
  • Performed surgeries to help people obtain their desired appearance.
  • Diagnosed abnormalities or malignancies with patients by conducting abnormality checks designed to provide preventive measures; ensure the patient can be treated properly before the development of a serious condition.

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Provided integrated inpatient and outpatient service for cardiology and surgical cardiovascular patients. Utilized minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat patients. Conducted multi-disciplinary conferences to review patients with unusual or challenging vascular conditions.

  • Proven history of treating patients with heart attacks with an average door-to-balloon time of 45 minutes.
  • Offered the latest heart and vascular tests, and surgical and non-surgical treatment options from prevention and medication management to pacemaker implantation, and open-heart surgery.
  • Leveraged excellent inpatient and outpatient cardiovascular care as well as, care coordination, echocardiogram reading, population management of market's members.
  • Led a cardiovascular care team of # including Care Promoters, Echocardiogram/X-ray Technician(s), and mid-level (ARNP or PA) dedicated to cardiology.
  • Advised Medical Director, Cardiology in managing the day-to-day clinical and business operations as well as building positive relationships with providers and key stakeholders for all ChenMed/JenCare/Dedicated Senior Health centers within the market.
  • Consulted with the Medical Director(Cardiology) in formulating risk and quality management programs.
  • Participated in clinical meetings to maximize clinical value, improve clinical quality and efficiency, physician/patient satisfaction, and advance strategic business objectives while ensuring compliance with hospitals policies, state, and federal regulations.

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General practitioner


Oversaw patients ranging from 20 to 25 patients per day. Leveraged patient-centered care by spending more time with each patient and creating a seamless system of care for patients. Fostered teamwork, team member engagement, and community involvement with a commitment to leveraging diversity and inclusion in support of quality care.

  • Utilized Electronic Health Records to plan care for individual patients and maximize impact on the population.
  • Established State of an art practice setting designed for a team-based practice model.
  • Conducted physical examination and reviewed medical tests and documents about consultations and medical histories.
  • Partnered with care team leveraging coaching and integrated behavioral health models to engage the geriatric patient population in care.

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Advanced treatment plans for chronic conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Offered care, treatment, and guidance for patients to improve their treatment experience. 

  • Grew referrals by 30% courtesy of proactive networking with patients, their families and other medical practitioners across the city.
  • Diagnosed chronic conditions and developed treatment plans that encompassed prescription medication, lifestyle adjustments, expert care, and therapy.
  • Captained a team of 7 resident physicians in training and mentoring new staff on procedures and best practices.

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