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Handled patients of various ages, from pediatric to geriatric, serving up to 20 patients per day. 

  • Consulted with various specialists to seek alternative treatments for patients not comfortable with surgeries.
  • Achieved an over 95% rating based on client feedback by providing individualized care for patients.
  • Established and maintained lasting relationships with patients and their families, improving treatment compliance rates by 40%.
  • Championed departmental process improvements, including the implementation of a new health records management system that eliminated data entry errors.

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Examined and treated little patients and helped in preventing diseases, illness, and complications. Conducted examinations by earning the trust and cooperation of the child.

  • Performed regular thorough examinations on newborns and young children to check and record their health and normal physical development.
  • Examined sick children to determine their condition and ask intuitive questions to gather information about symptoms.
  • Prescribed and interpreted appropriate lab tests to gain more information for possible infections or abnormalities.
  • Prepared and administered vaccines according to the governmental vaccination plan.
  • Treated injuries and refer the little patients to physicians of other disciplines when necessary.
  • Advised parents on children’s diet, exercise, and disease preventive measures.
  • Maintained updated records of patients’ illnesses, surgeries, or other medical episodes (allergic shocks, injuries).
  • Participated in seminars and conferences to maintain best practices.

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General practitioner


Assessed and treated a range of conditions that occur in everyday life, including muscular and ligament strains, broken bones, and sinus and respiratory infections. Counseled regular, long-term patients on hygiene, diet, lifestyle, and preventative healthcare.

  • Responded to patients’ medical problems by referring to their history, carrying out diagnoses, investigating treatments, and prescribing medication as appropriate.
  • Utilized the practice’s software platforms and documentation systems to optimize communication between staff and patients.
  • Trained and supervised residents engaged in special activities and procedures, including emergency room on-call duties, inpatient/outpatient areas, and long-term care units.
  • Served as a member of a cross-functional teaching team for first- and second-year medical students with practical experience.
  • Collected, recorded, and maintained patient information, including medical history, vaccination record, and test results.

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Provided preventative cardiology at a small facility serving the senior and retiree communities in the Gotham City Area. Conducted various heart and blood tests to determine patient needs, prescribed medications, and recommended lifestyle changes according to patients’ health and abilities.

  • Performed patient exams, and diagnosed and treated various disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Conducted early-detection screenings, maintained accurate records and charts, and communicated findings with patients and physicians.
  • Developed ongoing treatment and disease-management plans, prescribed medicine, and monitored patients’ progress.
  • Applied a complete understanding of medical principles, procedures, and techniques while maintaining a high standard of moral and ethical conduct.
  • Advised patients about the risks of heart disease and counseled them on preventative measures, including diet and wellness changes.

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Diagnosed a variety of skin problems from mild ones to severe ones. Conducted screenings and evaluations, analyzed patients’ medical histories, and ordered tests to determine the appropriate treatments. Referred patients to other specialists when surgical procedures when necessary.

  • Functioned as the Acting Practice Manager on an interim basis for periods of three to five weeks as necessary in the absence of the Senior Practice Manager.
  • Regularly attended state and national conventions and conferences to present white papers and network with dermatologists from all over the country.
  • Assisted in the oversight of the practice’s daily operations, including strategic planning, staffing, budgetary management, billing, purchasing, safety, and policy development.
  • Planned for and promoted the development of a secondary operating room for procedures requiring local anesthesia.
  • Developed or revised pamphlets to educate patients on preventative skin care and inform them about available treatments.

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Regularly examined toddlers, children, and teenagers to determine levels of health and prescribed medication when illnesses and diseases were diagnosed. Utilized scientific knowledge and individual medical history to determine the best course of treatment for approximately 20 patients per day.  

  • Conducted regular check-ups and record the health and physical development of toddlers, children, and teenagers ages 2 to 18.
  • Stabilized and referred patients to urgent care when necessary regardless of the availability of patients’ primary care availability.
  • Served as a preceptor to medical students, physician assistant students, nurse practitioner students, and residents.
  • Supervised entry-level pediatricians regarding clinical policies and procedures and state regulatory requirements.
  • Participated in quality assurance activities at the clinic and assisted with audits necessary for specific program requirements.

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