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Facilitated patient care in ER and Urgent Care while consulting with other medical practitioners to diagnose diseases and identify structural and functional changes to body tissue, fluids, secretions, and other specimens.

  • Evaluated the presence and stage of diseases, utilizing laboratory procedures if necessary. Discuss cases with supervising physicians, creating consultative notes and daily progress notes.
  • Articulated with nurses, occupational therapists, and social workers, resulting in the discharge planning of patients.
  • Effectively communicate with patients and family members using clarity; update medical progress and develop discharge plans.
  • Maintained clear charting and patient documentation including records of patient-encounter progress notes, treatment plans, and consultation requests.
  • Provided patients and their families with the information, guidance, and direction needed to maximize the outcomes of their medical care.
  • Performed thorough clinical assessments, diagnosing patients, and formulating treatment plans.

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Entry level

Provided essential treatment for maternal care and weak viral infections. Served an average of 15 patients per day, educating and advising them on a wide range of health topics including but not limited to nutrition, child care, and infection prevention.

  • Performed several tests to diagnose patient health issues, providing treatment and referring exceptional cases to specialists.
  • Accurately documented patient information during each visit, building a detailed medical record of each patient.
  • Served varied cases each day, researching and expanding knowledge in previously-fore-handled fields.

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Handled patients of various ages, from pediatric to geriatric, serving up to 20 patients per day. 

  • Consulted with various specialists to seek alternative treatments for patients not comfortable with surgeries.
  • Achieved an over 95% rating based on client feedback by providing individualized care for patients.
  • Established and maintained lasting relationships with patients and their families, improving treatment compliance rates by 40%.
  • Championed departmental process improvements, including the implementation of a new health records management system that eliminated data entry errors.

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Advanced treatment plans for chronic conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Offered care, treatment, and guidance for patients to improve their treatment experience. 

  • Grew referrals by 30% courtesy of proactive networking with patients, their families and other medical practitioners across the city.
  • Diagnosed chronic conditions and developed treatment plans that encompassed prescription medication, lifestyle adjustments, expert care, and therapy.
  • Captained a team of 7 resident physicians in training and mentoring new staff on procedures and best practices.

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