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Entry level

Engaging role which necessitated the development of my communication, customer service and collaborative skills to enable me provide to enable me deliver top-notch customer service to customers.

  • Provided customers with a warm welcome upon their entry into the store, ensuring to pay attention and providing them with an educated response to each of their inquiries.
  • Leverage active learning skills to quickly master the use of retail equipment including scale, barcode scanner and cash register.
  • Worked with members of the sales team to stock shelves and help customers to find their way around the store.
  • Ensured all visitors have a pleasant end to their visit by performing checkout procedures quickly and accurately.

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Entry level

Enlightening role requiring a combination of communication and collaborative skills to work within a diverse team consisting of customer service and sales associates to deliver an unrivalled customer experience to patrons.

  • Managed the front desk and welcomed visitors into the establishment, and provided them with verified information to their inquiries.
  • Developed working knowledge of computeriezed accounting systems within a fast-paced retail environment.
  • Leverage my fluency in two languages to communicate effectively with clients who might not have been completely comfortable speaking with the English language.
  • Worked with members of different to promptly solve problems and address customer concerns.

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Entry level

Worked the cash register for a fast-food restaurant.

  • Greeted and smiled at customers entering and leaving the restaurant.
  • Answered questions relayed by customers with thorough and accurate information.
  • Took payments in cash and credit and returned change from cash payments to customers.
  • Washed hands regularly before and after handling food items.
  • Made announcements over loudspeaker for customers to come pay for their food orders.
  • Cleaned floors and countertops with sanitizing fluids.
  • Checked with cooks to ensure the accuracy of food orders.
  • Oversaw customer complaints by responding calmly and reported all customer incidents to manager.

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Entry level

Worked as a cashier for a souvenir store/gift shop.

  • Recorded inventory and stocked and restocked items, as necessary.
  • Created promotional signs for sales and clearances.
  • Decorated and arranged front windows of store to attract customers.
  • Welcomed customers entering store and engaged in friendly and polite conversation.
  • Discarded broken and damaged store items and charged customers responsible if items were unpaid.
  • Answered customers’ questions about store items in a thoughtful and knowledgeable manner.
  • Rang up customer purchases with cash or credit, printed receipts, and provided change for cash payments.
  • Cleaned and sanitized cashier counter and swept floors of store.

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